Content Warning: Transphobia, Misogyny

It’s time to meet the folks who will bring this horrifying idol world to life.

Back Street Girls Anime Visual Earlier today, the official Back Street Girls anime website updated with the show’s main voice cast. The series will star the following:

  • Kentarō Yamamoto (Airi): Daisuke Ono
  • Ryū Tachibana (Mari): Satoshi Hino
  • Kazuhiko Sugihara (Chika): Kazuyuki Okitsu
  • Airi Yamamoto: Yuka Nukui
  • Mari Tachibana: Kaori Maeda
  • Chika Sugihara: Hikaru Akao
  • Inugane: Keiji Fujiwara

Back Street Girls hits Japanese TV on July 3. The current broadcast schedule is as follows:

  • BS11: 7/3/2018 at 25:00 (7/4/2018 at 1:00AM)
  • Tokyo MX: 7/3/2018 at 25:40 (7/4/2018 at 1:40AM)
  • MBS: 7/3/2018 at 27:00 (7/4/2018 at 3:00AM)

Chiaki Kon (When They Cry: Higurashi, Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3) was tapped to direct Back Street Girls at J.C. Staff, with Susumu Yamakawa taking charge of series composition.

Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Sound Production: Magic Capsule

Jasmine Gyuh’s Back Street Girls manga launched in Weekly Young Magazine in March 2015. The series currently spans ten collected volumes, with the most recent hitting stores on March 6.

According to manga resource Baka Updates, the series revolves around a trio of yakuza, who failed their boss for the last time. After botching a big job, the boss gives them two choices: commit honorable suicide, or to enter the idol game. Seeing no other option, the three travel to Thailand, where they undergo forcible gender reassignment to become women. From there, they endure a year of training to prepare for their idol debut. Their first show is a huge success, bringing the girls overwhelming popularity, much to their dismay.

Source: Otakomu, Comic Natalie