High Speed! -Free Starting Days- VisualTwo new contestants are making their way to the starting gate.

Earlier today, Funimation took to Twitter to announce two new cast members for High Speed! -Free! Starting Days-. The film will add the following:

  • Ikuya Kirishima: Lee George
  • Asahi Shiina: Christopher Llewyn Ramirez

The publisher also confirmed that Caitlin Glass will direct the feature’s dub, replacing Jerry Jewell.

Visuals for the characters were also revealed, which you can check out below:

High Speed! -Free Starting Days- will hit Blu-Ray and DVD this year.

The film is based on Hiroko Utsumi’s light novel High Speed!, which was loosely adapted into the original Free! Iwatobi Swim Club anime series. The film was directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto (Amagi Brilliant Park) and animated by Kyoto Animation. Free! character designer Futoshi Nishiya returned as character designer on the project.

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