This living legend’s hanging up her ass-dancing shoes.

Earlier today, the official Crayon Shin-chan anime website announced that Akiko Yajima will retire from the show. Yajima has played the titular Shinnosuke (“Shin-chan”) Nohara since the anime’s première on April 13, 1992. The final episode featuring her voice will air on June 29.

A comment by Yajima was included in the announcement. In her statement, the actress explained that it’s become difficult for her to voice the character. “It’s become difficult to maintain the voice of Shinnosuke, and required more and more concentration to do, making it difficult to naturally perform the role.” According to the post, Yajima decided to step down after speaking with the show’s staff.

As of press time, the team hasn’t decided upon a successor to the role, though the new actor is expected to make their début in July.

Crayon Shin-chan is based on the late Yoshito Usui’s manga of the same name. Yuji Muto () is currently directing the series at Shin-Ei Animation. The series currently spans 851 episodes and 25 movies.

Funimation released the title in North America under the title Shin-chan. Laura Bailey starred as Shin Nohara in the adaptation. Funimation describes the show as:

Shin chan—wholesome entertainment for fans of such important topics as: superheroes, hot babe chicks, bunny abuse, boobies, booze, stuff, unusual Hispanic men, dogs, dead pigs, psychic abilities, and several of the most popular bodily functions. Shin chan—watch it with your family and laugh the pain away!

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