Production IMS LogoIt appears that things are not well in the land of twintails and sister devils.

On June 8, a Production IMS staffer who goes by the Twitter handle “saikickmouseao” took to Twitter to post a letter from the studio, stating that the company is consolidating its debts amid bankruptcy proceedings. The tweet reads:

Rough Translation:

From Production IMS, it’s an announcement that the studio is consolidating its debts and obligations as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

It appears that that this was sent to a lot of people in the anime world, including me, and I’m sure everyone is disappointed.

Production IMS Bankruptcy Letter

A second animator, who goes by “Yamayama-san” corroborated the story on Twitter. A rough translation of their tweet reads:

Today, I received a direct mail from a law firm. “Because the anime studio went bankrupt, they are unable to pay your compensation.”

Is this the end? What about guarantees? Don’t mess with me, IMS!

We have reached out to Production IMS for further comment, and will update our coverage once we receive a response.

Production IMS was founded by former members of AIC in February 2013, in Tokyo’s Nerima ward. The studio is currently helmed by Yoshiyuki Matsuzaki. Production IMS came under fire in December 2017, when animator Teru Miyazaki claimed that the studio wasn’t paying its animators.

Through its history, Production IMS has produced seventeen titles, including Castle Town Dandelion, High School Fleet, and The Testament of Sister New Devil.

Sources: OtakomuTwitter (saikickmouseao) Twitter (0007Kok) (Thanks to L.B. Bryant for the tip!)