The conversation continues, and the world grows justa bit more.

Earlier today, indie animation group Irodori took to Twitter to unveil a new short in their Hentatsu anime project. The 93-second video features the two leads as they continue their conversation from Episode 4.

Hentatsu is described as a “Hobby Anime” by Irodori. The feature’s main characters first appeared on January 13, in a teaser visual. The image features the characters at a train station, which had a platform nameplate reading “Nakano.”

Hentatsu Teaser Visual

Three shorts were previously streamed, which you can check out below.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Hentatsu Key VisualIrodori is a three-person indie animation group who worked with Yaoyorozu to produce the Kemono Friends TV series. The group is composed of director Tatsuki, animation director Yoshihisa Isa, and art director Yūko Shiromizu.

Most recently, Irodori published an original short based on an original character named Keifuku.

In December 2017, the Irodori animation group released posters that confirmed that they are working on a new anime TV series.

Director Tatsuki is also working with Kemono Friends studio Yaoyorozu to produce an anime TV series titled Kemurikusa. The project will adapt a 2014 CGI film from Tatsuki and Irodori, which revolves around girls who fight entities known only as “mushi” in a world of crimson fog.

Most recently, Tatsuki has been working with NHK E TV for their Yoroshiku! Fun-Fun TV show.

Source: Twitter (irodori7)