Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to an all-new AniWeekly! For many in the anime world, this week is the big time. Anime Expo kicks off on Thursday, which means that the industry is going to be absolutely packed with massive reveals and epic updates! We’ll be on-site this year, so apologies in advance if updates come through a bit slow.

But anyway, that’s not why you’re here! You’re looking for the latest goings-on in the anime industry and we’re here to bring you just that! So kick back, relax, and let us talk nerdy to you for a while.

In the News

The forest beckons once again. NHK announced that The Piano Forest is coming back! The show will receive a second cour in January 2019.

"The Piano Forest" Cour 2 Visual

Drama!!! On ICE the first crew details for the Yuri!!! On ICE movie, along with a trailer and visual hit the web. The film, which opens in 2019, will see Sayo Yamamoto returning to the director’s chair.

Return to the library… At a recent concert event, news broke that Violet Evergarden will get a feature film in January 2020.

A sad stepping down. The BanG Dream! project announced that Satomi Akesaka is retiring from the project due to sudden hearing loss. She will officially retire on September 17.

Moon, prism power, hype up! The official Sailor Moon website announced that Kazuko Tadano, who provided character designs for the original anime series, will return to work on the upcoming Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal: Dead Moon movies.

The hobby anime is back! Tatsuki’s Irodori animation group released a new chapter in their Hentatsu anime project. This episode continues the conversation from the previous episode.

Go90 Straight to the Darkness Verizon will shut down its Go90 digital platform. The app, which offered free ad-supported video streams, will cease operations on July 30.

More swords, more gais, soon. Last week, news broke that Sword Gai II will hit Netflix worldwide on July 30.

Sword Gai II Key Visual

Maybe next year… The official J-Pop Summit website announced that this year’s event has been cancelled. The announcement cites “unforeseen circumstances in regards to [their] festival venue” as the main reason for calling off this year’s event.

Kuma shock! A listing for the Yurikuma Arashi manga popped up on Amazon. According to the listing, the series will launch on January 22, 2019 under the title Yuri Bear Storm. TOKYOPOP is listed as the publisher for the project.

Here I am, on the road again… A new visual and trailer, plus seven cast members were revealed for the Penguin Highway anime movie. The project will add Megumi Han and Rie Kugimiya, among others to the lineup.

A new bloomin’ trailer! A new minute-long teaser trailer for Bloom Into You hit the web. The minute-long promo introduces the main voice cast for the show.

Best peeps are back for more adventures. During the finale of the Golden Kamuy anime, it was announced that the show will return for a second season. The new run will air in October on TOKYO MX, Sapporo TV, Touch TV, and Aomori Asahi Broadcasting.

Golden Kamuy Season 2 Visual

Back on the station. The official Space Battleship Tiramisu anime website announced that the series will get a second season, titled Space Battleship Tiramisu Zwei. Several key cast and crew members will return to the project, including director Hiroshi Ikehata.

Space Battleship Tiramisu Season 2 Teaser Visual

Return to this Wonderful World! A KonoSuba movie is officially in the works at J.C. Staff. The movie will be directed by Takaomi Kanasaki, with Makoto Uezu writing the script.

Konosuba Anime Movie Key Visual

Maid Life is, uh… interesting? The main cast for the upcoming Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! anime was officially unveiled. The series will star Haruka Shiraishi as Misha Takanashi.

Let’s get morose! … … … wait. The Morose Mononokean will get a second season. The show will be directed by Itsuro Kawasaki at Pierrot Plus. Yuuki Kaji and Tomoaki Maeno will both reprise their roles in the show.

Batter up? Gurazeni: Money Pitch will also get a second season. The series, which airs in October, will see Ayumu Watanabe return to the director’s chair on the project.

From the AniBlogging Community

Welcome to Hell World… we have anime! Lauren at Otaku Journalist published a personal piece about her experiences as an anime writer in Washington D.C., and the overwhelming sense of exhaustion that can consume us as journalists, as fans, and as people as the weight of every political whim bears down upon us… and how the simple act of perseverance can keep us going in a world that seems to teeter on the brink of disaster.

Goin’ at the fandom like Goku. Manga Therapy published a thoughtful piece on passion, both as a fan and as an individual, and how discovering those things that make our world go round isn’t always a cut-and-dry journey… but it’s still one worth embarking on.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

Do you want to get into Dragon Ball Z, but find yourself overwhelmed? Does that sheer episode count drive you away from the allure of burly warriors trading Ki Blasts? Well, you’re in luck! The folks at Mega64 cobbled together a quirky digest of the events from the show’ Cell Saga. It’s part parody, part loving homage, and a surprisingly decent primer on the arc.

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