Scum's Wish Key VisualYou don’t have to feel scummy about this series! I hope!

On July 5, Sentai Filmworks unveiled the English dub cast for Scum’s Wish. The series will star the following:

  • Hanabi: Avery Smithhart
  • Mugi: Greg Cole
  • Kanai: Adam Noble
  • Akane: Maggie Flecknoe
  • Noriko: Brittney Karbowski
  • Sanae: Molly Searcy
  • Atsuya: Joe Daniels
  • Hanabi’s Mother: Courtney Lomelo
  • Mei: Christina Kelly
  • Terauchi: Gabriel Regojo
  • Mito: Juliet Simmons
  • Ayumi: Katelyn Barr
  • Little Noriko: Brittney Karbowski
  • Teenage Akane: Maggie Flecknoe
  • Young Hanabi: Avery Smithhart
  • Young Mugi: Katelyn Barr

Shannon Reed will direct the adaptation.

Sentai also started streaming an English dub trailer, which previews the preformances for Hanabi, Kanai, Minagawa, and Mugi. You can check it out below.

Scum’s Wish will hit retailers on September 25. Sentai will release the series in a single Complete Edition, which retails for $69.98.

Scum's Wish Key Visual

(C) Yokoyari Mengo / SQUARE ENIX · “of debris Honkai” Production Committee

Scum’s Wish aired as part of Fuji TV’s NoitaminA block in the Winter 2017 broadcast season. The show originally streamed as an exclusive to Amazon’s Prime Video service.

Masaomi Andō (School-Live!, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse) directed the series at Lerche, with Keiko Kurosawa (Re: Hamatora, Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle) providing character designs. Makoto Uezu (Assassination Classroom season 2, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero) was in charge of series composition.

Sentai Filmworks describes Scum’s Wish as:

At first glance, high school sweethearts Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya appear to have the perfect relationship and while the two enjoy each other’s physical companionship, they are merely using each other to feel anything other than pain as both Hanabi and Mugi are in love with other people. As this tangled web of emotions continues to ensnare others, viewers are exposed to the painful side of love, making this series often difficult to watch yet impossible to look away.

Source: Twitter (SentaiFilmworks)