It’s a sad day to say farewell.

Earlier today, the official Twitter and Facebook accounts for manga artist Akino Mimura announced that the artist had passed away. She was 60.

Miyamura passed away at 11:12AM JST today (10:12PM Eastern on 7/29/2018), two days after she made her final correspondence to the world in the form of a social media post, which was posted to Twitter and Facebook. In the post, she states that she is in the hospital, enjoying the taste of ice and mint in her favorite lemon water, which were the flavors of her youth, forty years ago.

School Days Manga Volume 1 Cover On June 25, Mimura posted to Facebook that she wasn’t feeling well, and went to the doctor for an urgent visit. She was hospitalized in her visit. Over the next weeks, she posted anecdotes of visits from colleagues and friends who visited.

Akino Mimura made her debut in the pages of Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōjo Friend magazine in 1977, with Watashi no Risō no Anata Sama. Over the course of her career, Makino would go on to write numerous fan favorite works, including School Days and Densetsu no Shōjo.

School Days isn’t related to the controversial visual from 0verflow.

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