Space Adventure Cobra Anime StillCue the sad trombone as another classic English license is set to expire.

On Twitter today, it was announced by Nozomi Entertainment that their license of Space Adventure Cobra is expiring and the discs will soon go out of print. Additionally, the streams on both YouTube and Crunchyroll disappear on August 31st.

The series, for those who haven’t yet watched it, originally premiered in 1982 and ran for 31 episodes. The story is based on the manga from author Buichi Terasawa which ran from 1978 to 1984 in Super Jump magazine published by Shueisha. It ended up releasing 20 manga volumes by the time it ended.

It’s always sad when a classic series from a bygone era goes out of print so regardless if you’re a fan of the space adventure genre I encourage you to check this series out while you still have the chance.