Gundam Blu-Ray Fight! Ready? GO!

Earlier today, Right Stuf announced that they will release an “Ultimate Edition” Blu-Ray set for Mobile Fighter G-Gundam. The set, which carries a retail price of $229.99, will include the following:

  • Hardcover Art Book
  • Domon’s Headband Replica
  • Shot Glass
  • Shuffle Card Alliance Patches
  • G-Gundam Lanyard
  • Art Cards
  • Cleaning Openings
  • Clean Endings
  • TV Spot Collections

The Mobile Fighter G-Gundam Ultimate Edition will be released as a Right Stuf exclusive on December 4. The retailer released a promotional photo of the set, which you can check out below.

Mobile Fighter G-Gundam Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set Photo

Mobile Fighter G-Gundam is an original project from Sunrise, which premiered in the Spring 1994 broadcast season. Yasuhiro Imagawa (Getter Robo: Armageddon, Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!) directed the project, which features character designs by Hiroshi Osaka (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Jyu-Oh-Sei). Fuyunori Gobu (Armored Trooper Votoms: Phantom Arc, Iron Leaguer) took charge of series composition for the show.

Bandai Entertainment originally released G-Gundam in North America, and produced an English dub for the title. The series aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block in 2002.

Right Stuf describes the show as:

It is time for the “Gundam Fight” tournament! Each country sends a Gundam to Earth for this prestigious tournament in the hopes of winning power and glory for their homeland! But this time, there’s an unseen evil lurking behind the scene. Domon Kasshu, Neo Japan’s reluctant Fighter, is determined to uncover this evil and clear his family name! The fight to the top begins now!

Source: Facebook (Right Stuf)