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This Conan on Conan feud continues to build with each passing day.

On Monday,

Conan O’Brien hosted a segment on his self-titled TV show, which called out Gosho Aoyama’s iconic Detective Conan. Beginning with a gag about Google searches, O’Brien launched into a comedic tirade as he explained that searches for “Conan” in Japan pulled up the plucky crime-solving hero.

Through a comedic tirade, O’Brien compared himself to the Kaito Kid, raising evidence in old photos and even the way Conan’s signature pose mimics “the same douche-baggy expression” he’s done for years. He capped off the segment with a demand that three trillion yen ($27,165,300,855.71 USD) be sent to “the More Famous Conan” in Burbank.

A few days later, the mayor of Hokuei-cho (“Conan Town”) responded. In a Facebook post, he thanked O’Brien for mentioning the city, and stated that if Conan wants the money, he’ll need to come to Conan Town to get it.

But, with a few days’ time between them, Conan had some time to think of new demands, including renaming the city’s most popular coin-op laundromat to “American Conan’s Fluff ‘n Fold,” a key to the city, and the keys to everyone’s homes in the city.

Much like the previous segment, it’s cheeky and silly, with an emphasis on O’Brien’s generally madcap sense of humor.

For those who want to check out the first segment, we’ve posted it below:

Prior to his big break as show host, O’Brien worked as a writer for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons. He wrote what many regard as the most memorable episodes in The Simpsons‘ 29-year history, including Marge Versus the Monorail and Homer Goes to College.

In 1993, O’Brien became the host of late-night talk show Late Night with Conan O’Brien, which ran through 2009. He hosted The Tonight Show from 2009 through 2010, before moving to TBS to host Conan.

Source: YouTube (Team Coco) – Thanks to Eric L. for the heads-up!