It’s double the trailer action for this buddy cop duo.

Earlier today, the official Double Decker! Doug and Kirill anime website updated with a new key visual, as well as a trio of new voice cast members. We break the details down below.


The first promo is a 60-second teaser, which introduces the world and the major cast members. Though it features no spoken dialogue, the teaser flashes the roles onscreen as it cuts between various scenes from the series.

The 30-second promo is a shortened version of the minute-long teaser.


The series will add the following:

  • Travis Murphy: Rikiya Koyama
  • Sophie Ginsbourg: Aya Endo
  • Apple Bieber: Takuma Nagatsuka

Visuals for the characters were also revealed, which you can check out below.

Double Decker! hits Japanese TV this fall.

Joji Furuta (The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments, ēlDLIVE) was tapped to direct the project at Sunrise, with Norihiro Itagaki providing character designs. Tomohiro Suzuki (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., One-Punch Man) is in charge of series composition.

Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Music: Yuki Hayashi
  • Original Character Design: Masakazu Katsura
  • Producer: Ryo Ando

Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Key VisualThe series will star the following:

  • Doug Billingam: Satoshi Mikami
  • Kirill Vlueberry: Kōhei Amasaki
  • Diana: Saori Hayami
  • Kay: Chika Anzai
  • Max: Yō Taichi
  • Lily: Atsumi Tanezaki

The project was officially unveiled on January 4.

Tiger & Bunny is a 2011 anime series by Sunrise. The show was directed by Keiichi Satou (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis), and featured character designs by the team of Kenji Hayama and Masaki Yamada.

The series spawned three manga adaptations, as well as two films: Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The Beginning and Tiger & Bunny The Movie -The Rising-. Viz Media currently holds the rights to the Tiger & Bunny anime titles in North America.

Viz describes the title as:

Stern Bild City is a thriving metropolis where superheroes called “NEXTs” protect the streets, sponsors pull the strings, and a hugely popular show called Hero TV captures all of it. Veteran hero Kotetsu Kaburagi (a.k.a. Wild Tiger) and hotheaded new hero Barnaby Brooks, Jr. (nicknamed Bunny by his friends) are forced to team up not only to protect Stern Bild City, but to earn as many points on Hero TV as possible.

Joined by a diverse cast of heroes, all with different powers and answering to their own corporate sponsors, Tiger and Bunny must find a way to work together, uncover the secret of the “Ouroboros,” and earn enough points to become this year’s King of Heroes.

Source: Comic Natalie