TBS LogoYeah, not going to snark. This is horrifying.

On September 2, the Shizuoka police arrested a staffer from Japanese network TBS. Yo-Kyō, a 30-year-old employee, was apprehended on charges of kidnapping a teenaged girl from her household in Shizuoka.

According to the report, Yo-Kyō allegedly abducted the girl, taking her to his home in Shibuya in mid-August. The victim’s family filed a missing person report not long after the incident. The suspect allegedly kept the girl in his custody until September 2, when she was found with Yo-Kyō in Sapporo City. The suspect was arrested immediately, and the girl was returned to her family unharmed.

As of press time, Yo-Kyō’s plea has yet to be confirmed.

TBS posted a formal apology to the victim and her family, stating:

It is deeply regrettable that our employee was arrested. We offer our apologies to the victim, her family members, and all others concerned. We will take strict action after fully investigating the facts [behind the incident].

Yo-Kyō worked in TBS Television’s public relations department, having joined the organization in April 2015. He worked as a part of the network’s film and animation department, and worked closely on anime series Seven Senses of the Re’Union as a publicity producer. He showed up in various promotional materials, including photos and streaming events, and was ultimately credited for his role during the show’s first episode.

Sources: Mainichi Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun