Sync Network Japan LogoIt looks like the Japanese music scene is working to bring the world in-sync with its biggest acts.

Earlier today, music promotional group Sync Network Japan opened its doors. The new agency, which is based on Tokyo’s Takeshiba Minato-ku ward, will serve to promote Japanese tourism and content across the globe. The organization aims to coorinate with the I.O.E.A. to launch a global Japanese music convention.

Sync Network Japan was founded by Japan’s “Contents innovation Program” Association (“CiP Association”). More than 2,500 musical acts are registered with Sync Network as of press time, including HYDE, Alexandros, and Okamoto’s.

Since 2011, the CiP Association has booked more than twenty-six artists in ten countries, and had content broadcast in 21 countries across the globe. Notable events include a global live tour, called “Japan Night”, which will travel from Tokyo to Indonesia, Taiwan, and England.

The CiP Association is an industry consortium made up of thirty-six organizations, including GREE, Billboard, DeNA, TBS, and the Tokyo FM radio station.

Numerous performers in the industry have commented on Sync Network Japan’s launch, including:


 HYDE Headshot

“There’s a large part of the world that has already taken in parts of Japanese culture. However, music has always been 2 or 3 steps behind. If dispatching Japanese music to circle the globe leads to success, not only could it open paths for opportunity to expand Japan’s current declining music business, but in addition can lead to the over-all improvement of the image of Japan. I’m looking forward to the future endeavors of SYNC NETWORK JAPAN.”


Alexandros Headshot

“Congratulations! Let’s have some fun out there!”

Okamoto Shu

 Okamoto's Headshot

“Congratulations on the establishment of SYNC NETWORK JAPAN! We owe a lot to JAPAN NIGHT. Let’s work together again to bring Japanese music and live performances to the people of the world!”

The I.O.E.A.’s Kazutaka Sato also commented on the news, stating:

“Congratulations on the establishment of SYNC NETWORK JAPAN. I hope this will lead to the increased possibility of fans from all over to world being able to have much more chance to directly meet their favorite Japanese artists and that we can all share happy experiences.”

Source: Sync Network Japan (Email Communication)