George Manley Headshot

George Manley, headshot by Kerry Beyer

We wish Mr. Manley the very best in this troubling time.

On September 27, English dub actor George Manley announced on Facebook that he is homeless. “I have been homeless since July 17th,” he stated, “I’ve seen my birthday come and go from the inside of a VA Hospital (thanks for the well-wishes, BTW). And now, I will be setting my head down at a Shelter/Wellness program where I will see what’s in store for me next.”

His post links to a GoFundMe page, titled, “Help George Survive Homelessness”, which was set up on April 30. On the campaign’s main page, Manley explains that ” Social Security pulled out on me in March. I went to them looking for answers and they said, “go file your taxes.” Naturally, I was planning on filing on the 15th of April like everyone else, but I got the dirty deed done. But, by the time they got the information, it was over. I had surpassed their 60 day appeal period, and I was without an income stream and hunting for home-based work (due to my heart and arthritis conditions) has been a bugbear and a half.”

As of press time, the campaign stands at $2,646 of a $10,000 goal, which was raised by 39 total donations.

Manley has been active in the entertainment industry since 2002. He has served on the staff of more than 50 English-language anime adaptations, and performed in 128 dubs. Manley’s notable roles include Schnitzer in Bodacious Space Pirates, Darius in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Isaac in Log Horizon.

Outside of anime, Manley serves as an on-air personality for Houston’s Turning Sight into Sound Radio, where he reads the Houston Chronicle and Sports Illustrated for the vision-impaired.

Sources: Facebook, GoFundMe (Thanks to Adyn Erigavo for the tip)