Dentsu Japanimation Studio LogoSo, what was that saying, again? Oh, yes! “Goran, no sponsor”!

On October 22, Dentsu announced that they are launching a new initiative, called “Dentsu Japanimation Studio”. The organization, which is based will be a multi-organization cooperative, which includes nine prominent anime studios:

  • Bandai Namco Pictures
  • David Production
  • Liden Films
  • Production I.G.
  • Studio Pierrot
  • Studio Colorido
  • Sunrise
  • The Answer Studio Co., Ltd.

Dentsu Japanimation Studio aims to collaborate with the nine studios to produce promotional animation pieces, and better facilitate the sharing of knowledge between the organizations. Ultimately, the company hopes to contribute both to domestic projects and the growing number of international works, while “developing Japanese animation beyond language, culture, and borders.”

Sources: IT Media, Mantan Web