Hitorijime My Hero VisualOh, my hero has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R…

HIDIVE announced that they will start streaming the English dub for Hitorijime My Hero on November 12, 2018 at 18:00 UTC (4:00PM EDT, 1:00PM PDT). New episodes will be added to the service on Mondays.

Sentai will release the show on home video on October 30.

Yukina Hiiro (Gakuen Heaven, Chu-Bra!!) directed the series project at Encourage Films, with Ayana Nishino providing character designs. Yūsei Naruse was in charge of series composition.

The English dub cast includes:

  • Masahiro Setagawa: Austin Tindle
  • Kousuke Ohshiba: David Matranga
  • Asaya Hasekura: Daman Mills
  • Kensuke Ohshiba: Alejandro Saab
  • Fukushige: Houston Hayes
  • Yamabe: Greg Cote
  • Yoshida: Howard Wang
  • Yunge: Gareth West
  • Ayaka: Carli Mosier
  • Houjou: Scott Gibbs
  • Natsuo: David Wald
  • Megumi: Jessica Calvello
  • Miho: Molly Searcy
  • Matsuzawa: Margaret McDonald
  • Ryoko: Brittney Karbowski
  • Satou: Tia Ballard
  • Toru: John Swasey
  • Yabase: Greg Ayres

HIDIVE describes Hitorijime My Hero as:

High schooler Masahiro Setagawa is a fairly helpless delinquent, so much so that the neighborhood bullies use him to run their errands. His life changes when he meets high school teacher Kousuke Ohshiba, a man who’s fighting abilities have earned him a powerful reputation on the streets. Ohshiba finds himself with a desire to protect Setagawa, and despite swearing that he’s not interested in men, Setagawa finds himself getting more involved in Kousuke’s affairs…

Source: HIDIVE (Press Release)