Right Stuf 2018 Winter CatalogWow… this is a sad day. Truly the end of an era.

The version of retailer Right Stuf’s 2018 holiday catalog contains a letter from company President Shawne Kleckner. In the piece, Kleckner announces that the current book will be the final one. He cites rising publication costs, declining customer usage, and a desire to reduce the company’s carbon footprint as reasons for the discontinuation.

The notice reads as follows:

All good things must come to an end.

With the higher cost of production, printing, and postage for catalogs, I regret to say that this will be our last. Over the years, we have sent out more than 20 million printed catalogs. While we honor the sacrifice of the many trees that gave their all informing customers bout new anime and manga products, it appears that the vast majority of folks prefer to get information about these new releases online, where it’s up to the minute all the time, versus delayed until the next printing. This will also reduce our overall carbon footprint.

But ton’t fre tneedlessly, our friendly staff is always willing to assist you with any product questions that you might have! Write us a letter, give us a call, or open a case. You can even send a fax, although I’m not sure why you would. We’ll help you however we can.

Our customers are the key to our continued success – all of us here at Right Stuf truly value your business. Have a safe and joyous holiday season!

Right Stuf has been offering a catalog since 1989.

Source: Twitter (WTK)