This has no relation to The Darwin Awards… er… I think.

Earlier today, an official website opened and Twitter account opened their doors to announce that FLIPFLOP’s Darwin’s Game manga will get an anime TV series. The site includes a teaser visual, as well as a trailer. We break the details down below.


The 90-second promo flies through various manga panels, as a rocking metal track plays in the background.


The image features Sudou Kaname and Kaori Kano posing around a giant beast’s skeleton.

Darwin's Game Visual

FLIPFLOP’s Darwin’s Game first launched in the pages of Akita Shoten’s Bessatsu Shonen Champion magazine in 2012. The ongoing series currently spans fifteen volumes, with the latest shipping to stores on November 12.

Darwin's Game Manga Volume 16 CoverManga resource Baka-Updates describes the title as:

An unknowing Sudou Kaname is invited to try out a new mysterious mobile app game called “Darwin’s Game”, but later realizes that he’s in for more than he’s bargained for when he finds out that there’s no way to “quit” the game.

Source: Comic Natalie