Meeting Date: 12/1/2018

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club! I’m Samantha, and we’re back here with Lydia and L.B.
L.B. Bryant: Hello!
Lydia Rivers: Hiii everyone!
Samantha Ferreira: Tonight, we’re going back to the show that continues to disappoint, Karakuri Circus. This week it’s episode 8: “Where the hell are my murder puppets?”
L.B. Bryant: Gods this episode was boring. And dumb.
Lydia Rivers: I can almost smell the hopelessness of the team at this point. It’s like they pinned up pages from the manga while day drinking and then threw darts at them.
“Welp, we’ll put these, these, and these scenes in I guess!”

Samantha Ferreira: Same. It’s like… “OK so now they’re in a beauty contest… and now we’re back to the plane and… Ohp! Circus time again”
L.B. Bryant: Despite knowing that I was watching an over the top shonen series, I had SUCH a hard time suspending my disbelief during the plane scenes.
Samantha Ferreira: Oh my god yes!
It went beyond dumb and straight into stupid-town there!

L.B. Bryant: Have these people ever BEEN on a plane before? Exactly how much space does the production staff think they have on there to have a big battle?
Samantha Ferreira: Oh my god, I know!
It was like… “This makes no sense!”
Lydia Rivers: I mean, to be honest most planes can be flown by computer these days. Some of them even remotely. So we can go with that.
Samantha Ferreira: And then we have the goo robots and the EXPLODING goo robots
L.B. Bryant: And the EXPLODING INSECT robots
Lydia Rivers: And the person named “Gee” who totally is dead, for sure
Samantha Ferreira: Oh, sure
As dead as Narumi
Side note, though, I loved his murder puppet ;-;

Lydia Rivers: Oh right, there was a puppet cameo
Samantha Ferreira: Yeah.
Lydia Rivers: Highlight right there
Samantha Ferreira: All 3 seconds
Also: Why did we get the whole “my sister was eaten by a tiger” story from Animal Trainer? (TM)
Lydia Rivers: That was when I could first smell the team’s desperation
so at the very beginning of the episode
L.B. Bryant: I was going to bring that up. How dafuq are they going to call her a beast tamer when she tames cats and dogs?
Samantha Ferreira: Indeed
Just… holy crap
This show was SO GOOD at first
Lydia Rivers: I’m sure it was all a very touching arc where she learns that revenge against a wild animal for fighting its captor (who probably did something stupid) is pointless
All condensed into 3 minutes

Samantha Ferreira: We’re assuming that’ll happen now. I mean… we did skip like 100 chapters
God, this started so strongly
It’s a freakin’ mess now
L.B. Bryant: Indeed it is.
Lydia Rivers: I saw the episode number and I was like “yay! Only 4 more weeks!”
“It’s almost time to choose a new show! Yaaaaaay!”
Samantha Ferreira: I’m just so, so disappointed in this show
Like… the whole “murder puppet mafia” story was fun
Now it’s just beyond stupid
L.B. Bryant: Random thought: The kid is rich beyond rich right now. Why doesn’t he just use his vast fortune to fund the stupid circus???
Lydia Rivers: Because this is a shounen and they have to struggle for literally everything
L.B. Bryant: lol got it.
Samantha Ferreira: That’s what I don’t get

Please, make the dumbness stop.

Lydia Rivers: I’ll make up a reason, pretending I’m a fan: electronic banking in Japan is still way behind for some reason, and showing up to take out cash would be dangerous.
Samantha Ferreira: He inherited BILLIONS OF DOLLARS here
… … … cheques exist still though ‘-‘
Lydia Rivers: He couldn’t even show up to order them, because he’d get kidnapped
Or something
Remember we used to have to show up in person to order them?
Samantha Ferreira: I do!
Lydia Rivers: I hated those days so much.
Samantha Ferreira: Saaame
Lydia Rivers: Whoa, I’m more interested in talking about how much I hate in-person banking than this episode

Samantha Ferreira: …I’m more interested in talking about the ’90s than this episode
Let’s talk about a ’90s anime next week :)
Lydia Rivers: I hated the ’90s too. Oh ok, 90s anime is ok!
It was re-released in the 90s I think right?
Samantha Ferreira: Yep – Macross Plus with Sharon Apple
Lydia Rivers: I remember a jet-fighter video game too
Samantha Ferreira: Oh yeah! Robotech: Battlecry :O
Lydia Rivers: yeah!
Samantha Ferreira: That was super fun!
Lydia Rivers: hehe
Oh crap, that came out in 2002 though

Samantha Ferreira: Wow
Really? o_o
Feels longer
Lydia Rivers: Yep. PS2, Xbox, and GameCube
Samantha Ferreira: I graduated that year.
From high school
Lydia Rivers: Year 2000 for me!
Samantha Ferreira: Early Millennial graduates, unite! :open_mouth:
To be honest, I know we’re going to gripe as this show gets dumber and dumber. If everyone’s down for it, I say we talk up a different 90s show for the next four weeks.
Lydia Rivers: LOL. ok by me
L.B. Bryant: I’m fine with that.
Samantha Ferreira: lol – OK.
Lydia Rivers: Which ones?
Samantha Ferreira: Hm. We’ll take that offline and keep it a surprise for the readers ;D
Lydia Rivers: Sounds good.

Samantha Ferreira: Awesome. Any final words on this show before we send it to Seiren-land?
L.B. Bryant: None from me.
Lydia Rivers: I would make out with this show before watching Seiren again. That is all c:
Samantha Ferreira: True that. :>
For me it’s “Stick to the first four episodes, or until the stank arm shows up. Those were genuinely fun.”
Lydia Rivers: Yup. Everything else was just a very strange, pointless dream.
Samantha Ferreira: Yep! Best miniseries about murder puppets ever.
Lydia Rivers: Great for spawning fan fiction!
Samantha Ferreira: Yes! I still want to get those rendered at some point, lol
Lydia Rivers: LOL ok!
Samantha Ferreira: Til next time, have a great night!
God… the three episode rule failed us hard
Lydia Rivers: It diiiid!