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Uma Musume Spinoff Manga, Umayon, Gets Anime Adaptation

The horse girl idols are coming back!

In an announcement made last night, it was revealed that the horse girl racing/idol series would be returning to anime form at an unspecified future date in an unspecified format. What we do know for certain is that the anime will be adapting the 4 koma spinoff manga Umayon. Fans were treated to a special sneak peek at the project via the trailer embedded below.

If you missed hearing about this series as it aired earlier this year, you missed out on one of the more interesting titles of 2018. Based off a mobile game which turns real-life famous racehorses this series takes place in a universe where the spirits of famous racing horses inhabit the wombs of pregnant human women, the results are horse girls who compete in races and attempt to become star idols as well. Trust me, it makes more sense when you actually watch it. The series ran for one cour and was directed by Kei Oikawa at studio P.A. Works.

In a related story, it was also announced at the same event that the new Uma Musume mobile game, which was scheduled for release at some point this winter, has been delayed in order to improve the quality of the game.

Via ITMedia

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