So, we’re heading to another world with our smartphone (games)!

Earlier today, Colopl held their “Colopl Fes 2018” fan event. During the show, it was announced that their Shironeko Project smartphone game will get an anime TV series.

Shironeko Project Anime Teaser Visual

Shironeko Project Anime Teaser Visual

Shironeko Project Anime Teaser Visual

The series is slated to cover the “Zero Chronicle: Hajimari no Tsumi” event from the game, which was held in 2017 to celebrate Shironeko Project‘s third anniversary.

Shironeko Project is a “gacha” smartphone game, set in a world of countless isles. It is here that a young hero from Astora Isle finds the adventurer Kyle, whom he follows on a voyage. During their travels, the two encounter a maysterious woman named Iris, as well as a talking black cat. Together, the three journey to find a flying island, where Kyle succumbs to the forces of darkness. With the great Kyle gone, the hero and Iris vow to travel to the ends of the worlds to find the seven Great Runes.

Colopl launched Shironeko Project on iOS and Android on July 14, 2014. The game racked up one million downloads in its first four days, and went on to see more than 100 million downloads by June 2016. The game received an English verison in 2015, under the title Colopl Rune Story. Updates ran on the English game through October 2016.

In January, Nintendo filed suit with Colopl over five (later six) alleged cases of patent infringement. Notable infringements include “the special technology used to operate a joystick over a touch panel,” which Nintendo patented for the Nintendo DS’ thumb strap. Nintendo is seeking 4.4 billion yen in damages in fees, as well as an injunction on Shironeko Project’s operations. This suit is still ongoing.

The lawsuit is unrelated to a July 2017 announcement, in which Colopl announced that they were working on a Shironeko Project RPG for the Switch, which is due out in 2020.

Source: Animate Times, Colopl