Ex-Arm Manga Volume 12 CoverIt’s time for the AI to rise… in anime form.

Earlier today, the twelfth volume of HiRock and illustrator Shinya Komi’s Ex-Arm manga shipped to retailers. The wraparound band on the book features an announcement that the series will get an anime TV series.

In addition to the manga, AtarĊ Kumo’s novelization of the title also shipped to retailers.

Ex-Arm launched in the pages of Shueisha’s Grand Jump in March 2015. The title moved to the Shonen Jump+ web platform two years later, in December 2017. To date, twelve compiled volumes of the title have shipped to stores.

The Shonen Jump+ website describes the title as:

In 2014, there is a student who loathes machines. The student, Akira Natsume, resolves to change himself for the better, and takes his first steps toward doing so. However, he’s run over by a truck. In the year 2030, a special policewoman named Miyami Uezono and her AI partner Alma infiltrate a criminal hideaway at the Tokyo Port Authority. Things are dire, and there are no options remaining as the enemy closes in. Their options limited, they activate a superweapon known only as the Ex-Arm, but…?!

Source: Comic Natalie