A familiar face will bring this sorcerer to life.

Earlier today, the official website for the 2019 Sorcerous Stabber Orphen anime updated with a new key visual, as well as the first cast member.

We break the details down below.

Key Visual

The image features Orphen, as well as his various traveling companions, posing before a portal that opens to a monochrome shot of a woman looking out.

Orphen 2019 Anime Visual


The show will star the following:

  • Orphen: Showtaro Morikubo

Morikubo is reprising his role from previous installments.

The new Orphen anime will air in 2019.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen VisualYoshinobu Akita’s Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Haguretabi light novels launched in Fujimi Shobo’s Dragon Magazine in May 1994. The series ran through September 2003, and spans 20 volumes. A second series, Majutsushi Orphen Mubouhen ran in Dragon Magazine from 1996 – 2003, spanning 13 volumes.

The project received two anime TV adaptations in the 1990s.

The first series, Orphen, premiered in the Fall 1998 broadcast season, and ran for 24 episodes. Hiroshi Watanabe (Slayers – The Motion Picture, Hell Girl: Three Vessels) directed the series at J.C. Staff, with Masahiro Aizawa (Digimon: The Movie, Slayers Gorgeous) providing character designs.

A sequel, titled Orphen: The Revenge, debuted in Fall 1999. Toru Takahashi () directed the new season at J.C. Staff, with Masahiro Aizawa returning to provide character designs.

ADV Films originally released both titles in North America. Sentai Filmworks has since acquired the title. They describe Orphen as:

When the most prestigious university of magic in the land loses Orphen, their most talented student, they’ll do anything to get him back. Unfortunately for them, Orphen has bigger plans than majoring in spell casting – namely tracking down a mysterious dragon, the Bloody August.

Together with his young apprentice, a spoiled heiress, and two cranky trolls, Orphen must battle both the Bloody August and his old teachers, advanced sorcerers who posses frightening power and even more dangerous secrets! Experience the magic, the adventure, and the excitement that spawned the hit video game of the same name.

Source: Comic Natalie