Hera-chan Promo Art - CrowzPerchHappy Sunday, everyone, and welcome back to AniWeekly.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve said that! Things have been a bit hectic as of late, and we’ve kind of let a few things fall by the wayside. And, for that, I’m genuinely sorry. When I started AniWeekly in 2014, I was hoping to make this into something that was engaging and enjoyable – something that would be fun, which you could look forward to reading every single week. And, well… it kind of turned into “the links roundup.”

Ultimately, it wasn’t fun anymore…. for you or for me. So, that’s why I’m here today. We’ll be mixing up the format a bit. Starting tonight, I’ll be using this top section to talk directly to all of you. Sometimes, it’ll be about things happening on the site. Others, it’ll just be me getting hyped about the latest shows or what have you.

Basically, it’ll be our own version of the Letters From the Editor column. And, well… I hope you continue to join us as we make AniWeekly a regular part of your weekly anime diet.

For now, though, it’s good to be back in action. Welcome to The Dispatch, where we’ll be bringing you a new way to explore this little anime world.

Take care,

Samantha Ferreira
editor-in-chief, Anime Herald

The Latest From the AniBlogging Community

Back in Action! Lauren at Otaku Journalist reflects on her big return to the cosplay scene, after a ten year hiatus. She dives into the way the scene has changed, how things have remained the same, and what it really means to go out into the world, embracing fandom in a most unique way.

Get your watch lists ready! The folks at Yatta-Tachi have published their list of legal sources that are carrying the latest shows. Whether you’re hunting for The Promised Neverland, or looking to

The legend of Boogiepop is a powerful one, indeed… Atelier Emily takes a critical lens to Boogiepop and Others, examining the Boogiepop series, as a whole, has come to influence works like the Monogatari series.

Heart of the cards. L.B. published an article about Chihayafuru, and why you should watch it. With the series making its return in April, he might be on to something!

This Week's Fun Stuff

If you’re not too thrilled with the current season’s slate, why not take a trip back to the past? Funimation has the entire run of Samurai Champloo available for free streaming on YouTube, so feel free to dive into this engaging tale of three samurai who seek a swordsman who smells like sunflowers.

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