Today, Crunchyroll announced that they are launching a three-episode series of short documentaries, titled Fan Chronicles. All three episodes are available to Crunchyroll subscribers as of press time.

Fan Chronicles StillFan Chronicles is a series of ten-minute documentaries, which aims to highlight “extraordinary fans” by telling their tales of empowerment via anime. The project is a co-production with San Francisco based production company Portal A.

The three stars are members of the Crunchyroll community, who were selected from “hundreds of submissions” through social media, as well as Crunchyroll’s website. The subjects include:

  • A Cape Cod native who is coping with a rare disease
  • An Atlanta music producer who found an audience through anime-inspired pieces
  • A California-based photographer who found a message of female empowerment through anime

Fan Chronicles StillCrunchyroll head of Audience Development Jennifer Corbett commented on the news in a statement:

There are still so many misconceptions around anime, both as an industry and as a fandom […] With ‘Fan Chronicles,’ we are shining a light on what makes the anime community beautifully diverse […] We’re glad to be working with Portal A to bring the stories we hear everyday to life through this docu-series.

Fan Chronicles StillPortal A executive producer Nate Houghteling also commented on the announcement:

It’s been a privilege to work with the Crunchyroll team and tell real, human stories from inside their amazing community […] As a team of anime fans ourselves, this one came from a place of passion and we hope that comes across in the series.

According to Crunchyroll, the series is part of an extended initiative for more live-action and documentary comment, which include August 2018’s He Was Anime, and the company’s ongoing Anime Crimes Division web series.

Source: Crunchyroll (Email Communication)