Yutaka Yamamoto Portrait Earlier today, Tokyo law firm Mizunokuchi Law posted a notice stating that anime director Yutaka “Yamakan” Yamamoto filed for bankruptcy. The case was filed in the Tokyo district court on March 4.

The filing attests that Yamamoto’s bankruptcy is due primarily to holding company Ultra Super Pictures Co., Ltd. The firm currently owes 100 million yen ($898,674.46 USD), which Yamamoto is unable to repay. Aside from this, Yamamoto, himself maintains little debt, with only credit cards and at least one automobile loan to his name.

According to the filing, the bankruptcy will not affect production on Twilight (Hakubo), which was successfully crowdfunded on Campfire in April 2017, and is slated for a May premiere. Moreover, it attests that funds for the film were not used to repay creditors.

Ultra Super Pictures is a holding company that was established by Sanzigen, Ordet, Studio Trigger and Liden Films in 2011. The company co-owns ENGI with Kadokawa. Yamamoto, who founded Ordet, is the firm’s director.

Source: Mizunokuchi Law