Earlier today, the official Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] anime website updated with a new key visual, as well as four cast members and a premiere window. We break the details down below.

Key Visual

The image features the major characters, seated in a classroom. A blue sky can be seen through the window.

Naka no Hito Genome Jikkyouchuu Anime Visual


The series will add the following:

  • Himiko Inaba: Manaka Iwami
  • Makino Aikawa: Takuma Terashima
  • Yuzu Roromori: Kaori Nazuka
  • Paka: Kenjiro Tsuda


Naka no Hito Genome Jikkyouchuu Anime VisualNaka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] will hit Japanese TV in July.

Shin Oonuma (Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts, WATAMOTE) will direct the title at Silver Link, with Mizuki Takahashi providing character designs. Kento Shimoyama (Good Luck Girl!, Naruto Shippuden) is in charge of series composition for the title, while Junichi Satou scores the soundtrack.

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Akatsuki Iride: Daiki Yamashita
  • Karin Sarayashiki: Akari Kitō
  • Kaikoku Onigasaki: Takuya Satō
  • Anya Kudō: Tasuku Hatanaka
  • Zakuro Oshigiri: Kouki Uchiyama

Osora’s Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] launched in Media Factory’s Gene Pixiv in 2014. Eight volumes have been released to date, with the most recent shipping to stores on November 26, 2018.

Manga resource Baka-Updates describes the title as:

Iride Akatsuki is a popular game footage uploader. He wakes up one day to find that he’s been kidnapped and taken to a strange place, along with a number of other uploaders who specialize in different genres of games.

A mysterious alpaca-headed host gathers them after the initial stage, to explain how the game will proceed. Will the group of gamers clear the game and make it back to their real lives?

Source: Comic Natalie