Asura Cryin Anime VisualEarlier today, Maiden Japan announced that they licensed the Asura Cryin’ anime TV series. The company plans to stream the title on select digital outlets, followed by a home video release.

Asura Cryin’ first aired in the Spring 2009 broadcast season. The thirteen-episode series was directed by Keizou Kusakawa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s, KanColle) at Seven Arcs, with Atsushi Komori providing character designs. Katsuhiko Koide (Shaman King, Over Drive) was in charge of series composition for the title.

Maiden Japan describes the title as:

Some people are haunted by memories. Tomoharu is haunted by his friend Misao, who died in a horrible plane crash that Tomoharu somehow survived. However, while having a girl that no one else can see hanging around is a little odd, it’s not until Tomoharu’s mom gets remarried, leaving him alone, that things get really weird:  A mysterious girl appears with a package that Tomoharu is supposed to guard. A second girl breaks into the house, demanding something called an “extractor.” And both girls can inexplicably see Misao! As more people target the package and Tomoharu, the mystery only deepens. What’s in the package, why are so many people after it, and is it connected to the plane crash or something even more sinister?

Source: Maiden Japan (Press Release)