No matter what con you go to, whether it’s Anime Expo, a small local event, or something in-between, you’re bound to see cosplayers wandering the event at any given moment. Over the years, cosplay has become an innate part of the convention experience, as fans pull out all the stops to rep their favorite franchises and characters. Each year, thousands of costumed enthusiasts can be seen wandering the halls of their favorite cons, as they show their stuff and bring their best at all hours of the day.

Anime Boston 2019 proved to be no exception to this rule, with countless cosplayers coming together at the Hynes. Any fandom you can think of, from My Hero Academia to Kingdom Hearts, and even Hellsing found representation in the hands of a skilled cosplayer.

This year, we couldn’t help but notice that My Hero Academia took the lion’s share of supporters (from our observation), though folks have continued to step up their game across the board.

You can check out our best cosplay photos from this year’s Anime Boston. I would like to thank every single person featured in this segment. You’re all amazing, and Anime Boston wouldn’t be the same without you!