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Today’s Grimoire Entry

Dearest grimoire, 

I’m actually doing it! I have begun ma meilleure vie! I still cannot believe it!

The Skye's The Limit - 20190507 Entry - Screenshot - A Duskwight Elezen speaks with Cocobuki in Final Fantasy XIV

Yesterday, I met the one who had written the flier, un homme charmant who goes by Lucien du Saule… he was a good man, who taught me much about this land we now stood, and how to best train mes capacités.

But… one thing stood in the way. There were people seeking help, and help they would get!

Also… where in le monde is the Silver Bazaar?!


Today’s Blog Post

Before logging in today, I spent a bit more time talking with Lucien about how to best attack the early game. By the time you exit the Adventurer’s Guild, there are no fewer than six quests givers waiting on the streets of the Sultanate.

At the same time, Main Scenario Quests (MSQs in popular parlance) and class quests are locked until you reach Level 5. The game expects you to dive in and get a bit of experience, before you dive deeper into its lore.

The Skye's The Limit - 20190507 Entry - Screenshot - A Duskwight Elezen speaks with Imme in Final Fantasy XIV

While it’s understandable, it is a bit of a drag, initially. Still, the tools to get to Level 5 are within your grasp from the get-go.

To quote Lucien: “Don’t bother with the side quests for now; just [handle the] hunt logs.”

And, indeed, the Hunting Logs offer what is, without a doubt, the best bang for your buck in terms of effort to experience. Still, I must admit: I rather enjoy doing quests, and the requirements would often overlap. For example: a quest in the Thaumaturge’s Guild requires the blood of four Marmots that litter Central Ul’dah.

As luck would have it, Marmots are also on the hunting list!

So, for the most part, I wound up grabbing quests, and tucking them away, completing them as convenient. As I went about my business, the solutions basically presented themselves, or were of little effort for the experience boost.

The Skye's The Limit - 20190507 Entry - Screenshot - A Duskwight Elezen looks at a Cactuar in Final Fantasy XIV

On the note of hunting: Combat is fairly straightforward, for the most part. After selecting a target, you either run up and attack, the game will auto-attack once battle starts – or you use skills by choosing the relevant item in the hotbar. If you’ve played a game like, say, Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii, Wii U, or Switch, you know exactly what you’re getting into. Your loop becomes “use skills, attack while cooling down, and watch your magic meter.”

Thaumaturges will rely almost entirely on magic. You have two spells to begin with: Fire and Ice, as well as Transpose. You’ll quickly gain access to Thunder as you go about the main story.

  • Casting repeated Fire spells will place your Combat Mode in “Astral Fire” mode. Basically, your fire spells will get stronger and faster with each cast, though their cost will also increase. At the same time, your MP regeneration grows slower and slower. Ice spells, meanwhile, will get cheaper to cast.
  • Casting repeated Ice spells will place your Combat Mode in “Umbral Ice” mode. Basically, while your fire spells will grow weaker, they will get cheaper to cast with each repeated Ice cast. At the same time, the deeper into Umbral Ice mode you go, the faster your MP regenerates.
  • Transpose switches between Astral Fire and Umbral Ice modes on the fly.
  • Thunder doesn’t affect this chart, but it is an effective steady-burn attack that does damage in intervals.

So basically, as a Thaumaturge, you basically want to:

  • Lead the battle with Thunder (if available)
  • Cast Fire spells repeatedly until you get low in MP
  • Cast Transpose
  • Cast Ice and Thunder spells until you reach max MP
  • Rinse and repeat

Your staff should be used as a last resort, in those rare cases where you run out of MP. Thaumaturges are squishy, and don’t hold up well in combat… so don’t try to be a hero, especially early on!

The Silver Bazaar

The Skye's The Limit - 20190507 Entry - Screenshot - A Duskwight Elezen looks speaks to an NPC at The Silver Bazaar in Final Fantasy XIV

Now, there is one thing I should note. The second half of the Thaumaturge’s quest sends you to the Silver Bazaar. If you’re not paying attention, you will end up getting lost, as this is not in the city. The Silver Bazaar is on the west part of Western Ul’dah. It’s a small outpost, which isn’t hard to find once you get into the world. Just don’t do what I do, and fail to pay attention to the quest prompt. I accidentally thought this was a location within the city, as the names within are based on precious items (Pearl Alley, Emerald Street, etc.).

If you’re confused, click the requirement – it will pop up a map on where to go next!

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