The Skye’s The Limit

A Final Fantasy XIV Travelogue

Today’s Grimoire Entry

Mon dear grimoire, 

I have done it! I have won the favor of the guild’s heads! I have received mon vêtements, and I am ready to use my mastery of Thurmaturgy to do real good in the world! And what a day to begin. So many people need mon aide in this city! L’aboyeur at the Colosseum had flyers to post, the workers at Black Brush Station needed a package… but those did nothing to prepare me for the task at hand! Not far from the city gates, I came across an old man, a Lalafell named Papashan! Such a friendly fellow, he was! He had me deliver treats to ses amis.

The Skye's The Limit - 20190507 Entry - Screenshot - A Duskwight Elezen speaks with Papashan in Final Fantasy XIV

As fate would have it, they were seeking a une fille, named Lilira. I found the lady under the grand Sultantree nearby, rapt in prayer. As I approached, a mysterious man appeared, his cheveux blancs glimmering in the sunlight, his voice with an accent most exotic. The man approached her… but un monstre most foul swooped down to interrupt! We had to step in, we had to fight, side by side against this beast most vile.

The Skye's The Limit - 20190508 Entry - Screenshot - A monster flies into the scene with the Ul'uh Sultanate as a backdrop.

As it breathed its last, the man returned to talk with the fille… and I spied something… a crystal? Comme c’est curieux… it glimmered on the ground, like a piece of the sky had broken off and fallen to earth. I picked it up… and there, I heard my true calling, as a Crystal Bearer. Mon aventure was only at its beginning… and I was to see all of this world, if I were to be its next savior.

~Bon Chance!

Today’s Blog Post

Much of today went toward sidequests around the city and finishing the level-1 Hunting Log, before finally moving on with the main story once more. The quests were pretty harmless, designed to get you used to interacting with objects and multi-leg quests, which will quickly become the norm.

The Hunting Log, meanwhile, proved to be an interesting challenge. The last item on my log was the Qiqirn Shellsweeper, which had eluded me – the log states that they’re in the Black Brush, but it doesn’t specify exactly where.

These sneaky monsters could be found in Central Thanalan, at the X:17, Y:19 mark. Or, to make it easier, head to Black Brush Station, and follow the tracks away from the mountain. You’ll see a small village on your right – that’s the place you want to go.

The Skye's The Limit - 20190507 Entry - Screenshot - A shot of the Qinlan Shellsweeper camp

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