Hi there, readers, and welcome to the first installment of what should be a semi-regular ongoing column.

Over the past few months, I’ve been talking with a valued friend and team member, who suggested that I needed to do something more than write about anime all day (Blasphemy, I know!). Joking aside, they knew I was essentially working pretty much constantly, which, well… it’s not healthy!

They began suggesting that I take up Final Fantasy XIV as a way to unwind after those busy days at the office. It took a good amount of gentle prodding… about six months’ worth, I’d wager, before I finally began looking into the suggestion in earnest. About two weeks later, Square Enix announced that they would make Heavensward, the game’s first expansion, free to download for a limited time.

That was kind of a sign for me and, after discussing things with my friend once more, I bit the bullet and downloaded the free trial for the game.

A few minutes later, I had designed my avatar: a Duskwight Elezen named Skye Grandeterre,on the Zalera server.

Skye Grandeterre: a Duskwight Elezen from Final Fantasy XIV who resides on the Zalera server.

And, well, I was pretty much hooked from the get-go! The sights and sounds of Eorzea, the magnificent landscapes, the music, the gameplay just felt comfortable.

Which brings us to today.

Starting off, I had a good friend help to teach me the ropes on some of the more esoteric systems within the game. And rather than throw folks to the wolves, I figured I’d have some fun with my experiences.

Starting today, we’ll be rolling out “The Skye’s The Limit” – a travelogue and journal for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In this, I’ll be writing my experiences with the game, while explaining things like where to go, where to find really weirdly particular things, and so on. There will be a few narrative and literary elements, in a way to kind of tie the whole “travelogue” idea together, which may or may not remain, depending on the feedback.

Going forward, you’ll be able to find new entries in the main hub for the column, as well as in rotation on the front page.

Anyway… I hope you have fun reading! I’ll see you in Eorzea.


Skye Grandeterre, Duskwight Elezen in Final Fantasy XIV, runs across the plains of Central Thanalan on the Zalera server.