The Skye’s The Limit

A Final Fantasy XIV Travelogue

Today’s Grimoire Entry


Dearest Grimoire,

I have taken the next step in my grande aventure, having earned the favor of the guildmasters in Ul’dah. I have shown my strength, my forte, after working without tire to help those who have sought help at Black Brush Station. And what tasks, those were! Mon dieu! Hunting shrews for meat, destroying antlings, and ridding the minecart tracks of troublesome monstres. It is enough to make one stop and marvel at what must be done to survive in this area.

And, I’d like to hope that my hard work has helped to make things a little less dure for those who work in the wilds.

Skye Grandeterre, a Duskwight Elezen, reports a completed quest to Warin in Final Fantasy XIV

My efforts were not in vain, though, for monsieur Cocobuki had given my next task: to slay several Efts in [region name]. Such a simple task! I would be done by supper. Or… so I thought. On my journey there, I took un mauvais tournant… I somehow found myself with so many interesting hommes, who all referred to monsieur Mutamix Bubblypots as a “Materia Master.” Quelle intéressant!

It was not to be, though, as he was busy with his labors. I sadly returned to my duties, but I shall be back, mysterious man!

The Efts fell, one by one, none able to match my abilities. Soon, the eight beasts had breathed their last, and I began the long walk back to Ul’dah. Our bonheur was not to be lived long, though, as the Amal’jaa had attacked once more. I was asked to return at once, and investigate an armored war transport that had fallen to them.

Skye Grandeterre, a Duskwight Elezen, engaged in battle against an Eft in Final Fantasy XIV

Along the way, I spied something incroyable! A man in black fighting a massive mechanical monstre! My path was blocked, sadly, so I would have to return later.

I returned to the Coffin and Coffer, where I met a homme named Wystan. He was busy with something big, but had attracted a few pint-sized followers along the way. Les enfants from his village. To get them to go home, I was asked to give these little ones cookies au gingembre that Wystan had stowed away.

Forgive my pun, but it was a sweet way to end this day.

~ Bon Chance!

Skye Grandeterre, a Duskwight Elezen, delivers Ginger Cookies at the Coffer & Cabin in Final Fantasy XIV


Mon Grimoire aimé,

Today, Wystan invited me to see his grand discovery: an untapped ore vein! Quelle incroyable! I had heard that a cartel held all of these precious minerals! He asked me to meet him at the Sil’dih Ruins, and that he would go before myself.

Upon reaching the ruin, though, I found a terrible sight! Wystan was hurt, on the ground, as his bodyguards prepared to bring about la fin de sa vie. Their blades were drawn, and I had to step in!

As I stepped forth, though, un homme mystérieux appeared! He was a man of most terrible skill, and summoned a monstre most massive! It was a Clay Golem! I had heard of them from the chatter of people, but to see one in person, well… it was most terrifiant!

Skye Grandeterre, a Duskwight Elezen, battles a Clay Golem in Final Fantasy XIV

But I could not leave my new friend. I could not allow Wystan to fall! Using the magics I had mastered, I fought on. The blows rained down, and the pains of battle tested my mettle, but I fought on, each blow raising ma propre férocité!

As the rains began to fall, the monstre fell, a fireball finally causing it to breathe its last. I gasped  in surprise… I did it! I actually did it! Before les félicitations could be had, though, I saw to Wystan. The homme with hair most blanc had arrived by the time I turned around, and my vision grew bleary. I saw his actions, what led him to us… and his shameless couronnement. I will need to keep my guard up around him.

The homme introduced himself as Thancred, a scholar, as many began to gather. He gathered that the attack and the monstre came by way of “Lord Lolorito:” chair of the East Aldenard Trading Company.

A shot of Thancred from Final Fantasy XIV

I’ll have to ask monsieur Lucien if he’s heard the name before.

But Wystan, poor Wystan… he could not keep going, if he wished to stay alive. He was marked, and forced to flee. With noplace to go, I returned to Ul’dah, to speak with Momodi. She is so kind… so sweet. She offered me a room for the night, and a new way to earn coin from Guildleves.

But I was so exhausted that I could go no further… I thanked her for the room, and staggered to bed.


A shot of the night sky in Central Thanalan in Final Fantasy XIV

Today’s Blog Post

In the game, I’ve spent the past couple of days basically just moving through the main story quests for A Realm Reborn… leveling up my Thaumaturgy skills and basically learning the lay of the land as I tried to work my way through the plot.

I did mention the “massive mechanical monster” in today’s Grimoire entry. This was a FATE battle that’s also a crossover with Final Fantasy XV, which places players against Prince Noctis as they fight a giant mechanized spider. It’s a level-50 battle, and it looks to be a fun draw for experienced players.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, spies a FATE battle from the distance in Final Fantasy XIV

That said: FATEs, or “ Full Active Time Events”, are randomly-populating battles that occur through the world. Basically, these boil down to five types:

  • Kill a set number of enemies
  • Kill a boss enemy
  • Protect an NPC
  • Escort an NPC
  • Collect a set number of items

They’re a fantastic way to earn extra experience and money, and offer something different from the norm for newer players. While not something folks should hunt for, they can be a great distraction or a way to clear that last experience hurdle to the next level.

Skye Grandeterre is a Duskwight Elezen character played by Samantha Ferreira. She currently resides on the Zalera server on the Aether Data Center.

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