The Skye’s The Limit

A Final Fantasy XIV Travelogue

Today’s Grimoire Entry

Mon préféré Grimoire,

Today, I delivered fiery justice to Black Brush. Following the leads from Monsieur Leofric, I treaded deep into a land known only as The Clutch. Dodging the monstres and l’insectes, I found my way to a small campsite on a cliff high above. It was there that I found the petit Quiverons, wandering aimlessly.

Amid them, though, I could sense a black magic in the air. As I made my way toward the center, I saw him… the one who called himself Eolande Quiveron. He was a powerful foe, but stood little chance against my own fireballs! He fell within moments, his empire burning to ashes before it could begin.

Front shot of Leofric in Final Fantasy XIV

With a smile, I began my voyage back to Lost Hope. On my return, Leofic was bittersweet.  He was happy that I had returned peace to the land, but sad that such valor would still do little to win favor back with the Brass Blades. Quelle tristesse!

He gave me one final task: to deliver un poignard to a friend in Horizon. I forced a smile, and promised I would not fail in my duty. We shared a sad au revoir, and I returned to the station. It was here that the Mail Moogle waited once more with une lettre. It was the Thaumaterge’s guild! They needed me immediately! I could not present myself so sloppily, though! I had changed into new vestments that I had earned during mon aventure. Once I was ready, I returned to Ul’dah, and sprinted to the Ossuary with quickness! Time would not wait for anybody.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, poses in Thaumaturge gear in Final Fantasy XIV

There, Master Cocobuki waited, his next lesson ready with monsieur Cocobezi… though I still do not understand this one yet.  The cargo from my last lesson, it was to be given to the merchants of Ul’dah, but… my masters drank it all? Mon dieu.

As I stepped outside, merchants awaited, yelling for answers. I am not proud of this next happening, but… I wept. Fausses larmes spilled from my eyes as sobs choked up… the merchants, feeling guilty, stepped away. It had worked, but… why did this victory seem so hollow?

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, uses the /cry emote in Final Fantasy XIV

As I returned to Cocobezi, I was given my next task: to destroy the accursed Momo’s Urn in Drybone. I immediately packed my bags, and hurried off on my duties, for there was no time to waste.

Upon arriving in Drybone, I stopped at the famed Camp Drybone to rest… but there was no time to stop. Un marchand gobelin  required help in returning to Central Thanalan, and I was the only one available to help. Fighting through birds and beasts alike, I escorted this fully fellow to the gate, before returning to the camp. The sun was setting over Drybone, and it would be time to get some rest.

~Bonne nuit

Today’s Blog Post

Due to impending server maintenance, today’s play session was, sadly, cut short. Starting tomorrow, we’ll all be playing on Patch 4.58. What’s in this release has yet to be announced, but this should be the last major update before the Shadowbringers Early Access run in mid-June.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, engages in Mining in Final Fantasy XIV

Because of this, much of my time today was spent working on various Guildleves. These timed, instanced quests are a great way to earn quick coin and experience in the early game, and cover pretty much every major trade and job, be it combat or otherwise. The jobs I tackled mainly focused on mining in Western Thanalan for a few quick gil, as well as a means to level up my gathering skills.

Skye Grandeterre is a Duskwight Elezen character played by Samantha Ferreira. She currently resides on the Zalera server on the Aether Data Center.

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