The Skye’s The Limit

A Final Fantasy XIV Travelogue

Today’s Grimoire Entry

Très cher grimoire,

Today, I said goodbye to Ul’dah for what could be many months, as I began a new aventure to the great land of Limsa Lominsa. Boarding the airship in Ul’dah, I could swear that I heard the well wishes of so many that had gathered to wish a bon voyage down below.

The Sultansworn wave toward a departing airship in Final Fantasy XIV

It was a long trip, and I had no clue what to expect when I set down! The land was so green, and the structures glistened a brilliant white! It was like the very sea had opened its arms to welcome travelers to its shores.

I did not have much time to enjoy the scenes, though. Upon my arrival, I was whisked to the office of Madame Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, Admiral of the city. It was there that I delivered the message from  Monsieur Raubahn. It was a time of mixed feelings, as she remarked on the years that passed… then told the sad tale of Dalamud plummeting to Eorzea, bringing the terrifiant Bahamut back to the realm. I would much like to learn more of Monsieur Louisoix that she speaks of, though… such un homme sounds like he left an amazing legacy upon the world.

Close-up shot of Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn in Final Fantasy XIV

She gave her regards, and asked that I continue on my duties. Sadly, that was not to be. I was introduced to a new concept… a… lay… over? What is this? Before the airship can depart anew, I must wait for it to be refueled, and maintained. The fille at the desk said that it could be as long as a week, but she would send a messenger to reach me when it is ready.

Oh, dear.

I guess that it is un heureux désastre, though… upon walking into the plaza, I was stunned at the sights!

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, poses in the main plaza of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV

Such a brilliant view, I… I could not form the words! I nearly ran into a poor girl who was looking for some aid. I couldn’t help but say “oui” to delivering a package for her! Upon arrival at the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss, I was met by un homme brusque, who immediately recognized me?

Oh no.

The Dutiful Sisters were actually a front! A lie! They were nothing but a den of rogues! And they wanted me to join them!

Still… to be able to work from the shadows would be handy… in this case, the greater good won out, and I agreed to learn their teachings.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, poses in the Rogues' headquarters, decked out in her Rogue gear set in Final Fantasy XIV

On the side, of course!

This seemed to be a patern no matter where I’d go. The Marauders, the Arcanists… even les chefs, the Culinarians seemed eager to take me in! There is so much to learn, and so much to see! I do think this lay-over thing will feel rather short, indeed.


Today’s Blog Post

Upon reaching the end of Ul’dah, I was told that the game opens up a bit by a few friends. Apparently, “a bit” is one heck of a lot! Much like when I began the game in my opening zone, I was assaulted by things competing for my attention as soon as I entered the square. Merchants, quest markers, Aethernet hubs… it was all just begging to be taken on!

For now, I won’t be focusing too much on the combat jobs – Outside of the initial guild quests, I’ll be leaving most of these until I’m ready to explore new possibilities. That said, cooking and (eventually) fishing look to be a lot of fun, and could easily join Weaving and Mining as potential time sinks going forward.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, collects on a Culinarian quest in Final Fantasy XIV

And, really, this is where Final Fantasy XIV finds its greatest strength. At the moment, I have no fewer than five new jobs to really dive into:

  • Culinarian
  • Marauder
  • Rogue
  • Astrologian
  • Fishing

And I don’t doubt that there is at least one more to find somewhere in this massive city. Still, I feel zero pressure to really ram my body and will at every single one. Instead, the game seems to encourage the player to find the jobs that they want to do. The rest will wait patiently for when you’re ready.

I’m eager to see what these jobs can offer going forward, as I can see myself getting super invested in the cooking and fishing… that could genuinely become a problem.

Skye Grandeterre is a Duskwight Elezen character played by Samantha Ferreira. She currently resides on the Zalera server on the Aether Data Center.

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