The Skye’s The Limit

A Final Fantasy XIV Travelogue

Today’s Grimoire Entry

Mon Grimoire,

Today, I found myself standing before the Elder Seedseer, Mademoiselle Kan-E-Senna, for the first time since I embarked on mon aventure. This time, it was not as a friend, or as a subject… but as an official envoy of Ul’dah. Neither of us could believe this moment, but here we were.

Kan-E-Senna, from Final Fantasy XIV

With nary a word, we silently agreed to keep our meeting official. She agreed to host the ceremony under Gridania’s boughs. Still, worry did seem to carry the mademoiselle. Garlea has begun to make its move once more, and we needed to maintain vigil. Sadly, our time was destined to be short; she is a busy woman, after all! I was to return to Limsa Lominsa once more. But, well… I think I could afford one more “lay over,” as it were.

I took some time at home, catching up with mes amies, like Luciane at the Archery Guild. In the time since I had left, she has even become its master! C’est impressionnant! She is as good a teacher as her title implies. She even taught me a thing or two about how to use a bow!

Luciane, from the Archery Guild Final Fantasy XIV

Before I had known it, a day had passed of my wandering. It was un beau retour, one I will not forget any time soon. Still, there was work to be done.

I returned to Limsa Lominsa, where I met with Monsieur Baderon, who discussed a case involving personnes suspectes at the pier.

Before I could sayu “oui”, though, I heard a scream outside. Rushing out before I could hear the rest, I found une fille being accosted by un homme étrange! He was distraught, begging for help of his own! He needed parcels from Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania! Mon dieu.

Jandelaine, the master Aesthestician in Final Fantasy XIV. appears flustered

With a heavy sigh, I set off… first to Madame H’naanza at the Armory Guild… She seemed to know this person very well, as she heaved a sigh and plunked a heavy parcel in my hands.

Next, it was Ul’dah. Upon my return, I met with Monsieur Severian of the Alchemists’ Guild. He also seemed to know this guy. I… think I’m missing something here, because I heard Monsieur Severian give him a compliment. Anyway, I left with another parcel, and quickly headed toward Gridania… where Monsieur Beatin awaited. He… was less thrilled, but still gave me a package, which weighed with something crafted by him.

On my return, the homme sprang to life, as if reborn! And the fille? He descended upon her and… … … gave… her… a makeover?

Jandelaine, the master Aesthestician in Final Fantasy XIV, poses after a successful makeover

I am lost.

Still, the man was thankful. He introduced himself as Jandelaine, and offered to give me une coupe de cheveux whenever I desired. I must admit, since starting this journey, my hair has grown long… I agreed to allow him to style it in my room at the inn.

…Simply belle.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, poses in Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV

With a new look and a lot of wandering done, I returned to the desk at the inn, where Monsieur Reyner of the Yellow Coats was there to personally appeal to ma générosité regarding the matter. Of course, I said oui.

He suggested that I take time to prepare, so I returned to Ul’dah to check in with the Guildmasters. On return, I saw un homme, being followed by an attendant. He demanded I attend a place called The Golden Saucer? Before I could answer, he shoved a ticket into my hands and told me to “just go, damn you.”

Anyroad, that is how I found myself at the Airship Landing, handing my ticket to Mademoiselle Elyenora. Moments later, I was on the way to a place I did not ever expect to see.

Exterior shot of the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV

Sacre bleu!It was so grand, so bright, and flashy! People walked throughout at all times of day, and it felt like every single corner was a carnival of itself!

That said… I do feel bad for the girls working the counters. Such cold outfits!

As I wandered, I couldn’t help but feel delight, as the mélodie joyeuse played over speakers, and I learned the basics of games like Triple Triad and Mahjong… and I got my own racing chocobo somehow.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, poses in the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV

I do not understand this place in the least. Still, the energy is like no other, and there is always something fun to do. I do believe I’ll be returning for a break from time to time.

~Bon Voyage

Today’s Blog Post

Funny enough, much of the past few days has been mainly focused on getting through the initial quests for the Gridania guilds. Like with Limsa and Ul’dah, there was a slate of jobs, with mixed combat and trade, to really sink my teeth into, and feel out before moving back to the main story. From botany to leatherworking, I’m starting to see that the various craft jobs feed into each other in a big way. For example: blacksmithing requires a healthy amount of lumber, which is crafted by carpenters from wood gathered by botanists.  So, keeping that in mind, the game smartly ensures that you’re leveling your jobs pretty consistently across the board, if crafting is the direction you choose to take.

Other than that, I spent much of the past day exploring The Gold Saucer. Now… I knew this was in the game at some point. What I did not expect was how freaking massive this area is. The Gold Saucer easily rivals Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah in terms of overall size, and it’s certainly built like a casino. The loud, flashy lights, and complete lack of any tells for the outside world evoke memories of Foxwood’s, as do the copious table games (Triple Triad & Mahjong), plus random amusements that seem to be dotting the area at every turn. It certainly was worth the trip here, as many of the games are fun time wasters… albeit with stakes attached.

The Gold Saucer, like most Japanese in-game casinos, use a dedicated currency that’s bought with normal cash. These coins are exchanged for prizes at some point, which range from the cute, like fun costume gear for glamours, to items and gestures. Nothing game breaking, but fun little goals.

Right now, I haven’t really bothered to dig too deeply into the Saucer. Still, I do hope that I can really dive into things once I get to a point where cashflow isn’t as much of an issue. Until then, it’ll be that curiosity, that quirky place to stretch my legs for an hour when I want a change of scenery that doesn’t involve rushing through Gridania or the plains of Limsa… or when I just want to throw down in a game of Triple Triad. Dealer’s choice.

Skye Grandeterre is a Duskwight Elezen character played by Samantha Ferreira. She currently resides on the Zalera server on the Aether Data Center.

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