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The Herald Anime Club Meeting 105: Fruits Basket, Episode 8

Meeting Date: 5/26/2019

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club! I’m Samantha, and I’m here with L.B. Bryant and Anthony Simpson
Anthony Simpson: Evening
L.B. Bryant: Hello!
Samantha Ferreira: Tonight, we’re heading back to the Soma Household for Fruits Basket episode 8: “Tohru has five moms now”
L.B. Bryant: Lots of little changes from the original this time around. Nothing hugely drastic but definitely noticeable. We can get into that in a bit though.
Samantha Ferreira: Definitely
For now, I’ll say I will forgive those “clip show” animation reuse moments
That was a beautiful climax

L.B. Bryant: lol
Samantha Ferreira: This really felt like two shorter episodes combined into one.
L.B. Bryant: You think so? I felt like it was a good continuous New Year’s story throughout the episode.
Anthony Simpson: I have to agree with L.B on this
Samantha Ferreira: I do.
Honestly, I thought the first climax, when Kyo and Yuki ran home, would have been the normal end point for most shows
But that’s also why the episode worked for me… it took that and just subverted the idea, basically using it as that jumping off point for the second arc
L.B. Bryant: Makes sense.
The thing that amazes me about this reboot so far is how consistently good it’s been since episode 1. We’ve yet to have a single ‘dud’ episode.
Samantha Ferreira: True that.

L.B. Bryant: Even the animation quality has been consistently wonderful.
Samantha Ferreira: Fully agreed. This is basically “Blu-Ray rework” quality for a lot of shows
Anthony Simpson: Yea, I’m amazed so far that the quality of both the story telling and the animation has been good this far into the show.
Samantha Ferreira: It’s so good!
Anthony Simpson: Yes it is.
L.B. Bryant: There were a couple of little changes in this episode from the original which made me sad; mostly the fact that the new year’s cleaning was only done by Tohru and the Sohma’s. I enjoyed how in the original Hana and Uo helped out with that which led to a few shenanigans that weren’t present here.
Though I suppose they had to make space for Tohru’s family going to Hawaii so it’s not a huge deal.
Samantha Ferreira: Also, this was the episode where Haru was introduced in the new show, so I can understand that.
Speaking of the family!
I want the Somas to just burn their new house down
Going off to Hawaii like that was a total dick move, given that:

1) They know that Tohru is SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING WITH THEM
2) They know she’s going to be emotionally fragile during a holiday that is often celebrated WITH ONE’S FAMILY
Like… holy shit that was awful

Anthony Simpson: Tohru’s family they suck big time.
But yea have to agree with Sam dick move.
L.B. Bryant: lol I can see that point but I also think it’s possible that they just didn’t want Tohru to go with them after the scene that Yuki and Kyo created when they went to pick her up.
I can imagine there would be some awkwardness.
Samantha Ferreira: There’s “awkward,” then there’s “we’re jetting off to Maui and you can’t come”
L.B. Bryant: Fair enough lol
Samantha Ferreira: lol
L.B. Bryant: Other than that, I did really like the scene of the three of them eating mochi soup and everyone worrying about Tohru choking lol
Samantha Ferreira: That was adorable
And kind of why I went with the “Tohru has five moms” gag
Uo, Saki, Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure… they all fuss and it’s adorable

L.B. Bryant: To be fair, I can totally see Tohru being clumsy enough to choke on mochi so I’m glad they told her to eat slower lol
Samantha Ferreira: True, lol
On a more random note, we got to see Shigure’s wrathful side again this episode, which is still intriguing
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, it’s curious to see him have such a twisted dark side that is only ever expressed through internal monologues.
Samantha Ferreira: I’m loving it
It lends a lot of depth to the character
I mean… granted there is something fucked about him saying “how does it feel, asshole?” to kick someone who’s down
L.B. Bryant: Not that Akito doesn’t have it coming, heh
Samantha Ferreira: Spoilers :0

L.B. Bryant: I just meant after what we’ve already seen such as an episode or two ago when Hari went to ask permission to get married.
It’s already easy to hate her.
Samantha Ferreira: Of course
Plus her exchange with Shigure
“I’m someone who always asks for the moon ” or something like that?
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, I don’t remember the exact wording either.
Samantha Ferreira: It was poetic and played off of something Kyo said
Samantha Ferreira: OK… so that said, I do really like how they brought the rest of the cast in – having Uo at home, and seeing Saki be that self-aware, fourth wall breaking being is still lovely
L.B. Bryant: That was another thing that kind of confused my wife and I as we always thought Uo lived alone in her apartment but she was celebrating the holiday with her father (?)
Also Saki’s family is… surprisingly normal looking lol

Samantha Ferreira: It’s a family holiday, so I see it working here
Anthony Simpson: I was expecting something different for Saki’s family
Samantha Ferreira: Same
And, really, I had one other thought, mostly – that they nailed the ending of the episode – that last scene at sunrise was brilliant
L.B. Bryant: It made me nervous that they were climbing onto the roof using a rickety ladder in the dead of winter when things are especially icy. lol

I, of course, knew they weren’t going to slip and break anything but still… kind of nerve wracking lol
Samantha Ferreira: lol of course
New England winters conditioned me to say “Oh no, don’t fall D:”
L.B. Bryant: lol
Samantha Ferreira: lol

Anthony Simpson: PA winters have done the same to me Sam.
L.B. Bryant: Seattle winters are generally mild so we get uber paranoid about things like ice hehe
Samantha Ferreira: Hehe
And one last thing: Momiji was adorable
L.B. Bryant: I loved the little 2 second aside with Bunny Momiji jumping onto the screen lol
Samantha Ferreira: That was amazing
L.B. Bryant: It was the perfect amount of adorable at exactly the right time.
Samantha Ferreira: HUGE props to the subtitle translator who used “I HIPPETY DID <3”
L.B. Bryant: lol
Samantha Ferreira: Any final thoughts this week?
Anthony Simpson: Another good episode can’t wait for next week.
Samantha Ferreira: Likewise!
Til next time, remember: when eating your New Year’s mochi, take small bites.
Have a great night, everybody!
Anthony Simpson: Good night

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