The Skye’s The Limit

A Final Fantasy XIV Travelogue

Today’s Grimoire Entry

​Mon Grimoire,

The past few days have been… exaspérante, to say lightly.

I was able to meet with Mademoiselle Minfilia, who assigned me to my next task: to have un poignard fitted with materia by Monsieur Mutamix. No sooner than I had reached Horizon, though, I received une lettre from Ul’dah. It was from Rendoline Rose, and he needed my help, immediately!

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, poses with Minfilia in Final Fantasy XIV

I rushed back, expecting fire, famine, or something awful that had befallen the Weavers’ Guild! He never reaches out to anybody but his most trusted confidants, and never on a Monday! I found Monsieur Rose in his atelier, looking truly affligé. He had received an order from the leader of the Goldsmith’s Guild.

Not Sera, she is charmante. I am talking of the actual owner – Babawai. I was to meet with him at once! I rushed to where the man was waiting with his daughter, Kokomo. Monsieur Babawai demanded but the finest garments for his daughter… though poor Kokomo did not want to stand out. She was a sweet girl, a quiet girl.

Babawai and Kokomo in Final Fantasy XIV

With my task at hand, I rushed back to Monsieur Rose. We both agreed that silk would be too flashy… but then he had a spark of inspiration: velveteen! This is a delicate fabric, that requires Diremite webs and cotton thread to create… only the most skilled can do it well! I was about to set off to make some, when he stopped me. Because it is Babawai, it must be the finest velveteen. Nothing less would do!

… … … Tue moi maintenant.

I did not know it at the time, but I would spend many many hours making velveteen. I exhausted my supply of threads, making seven bolts, hoping they would be to his favor. Each time, they were thrown out.

“Too shiny.”

“Not shiny enough.”

“Too thick.”

“Too thin.”

Each time, there was une imperfection that would cause him to throw it back at me. Before long, I had run out of thread! Monsieur Rose’s answer was “Well, it’s time to get some more, is it not?”


With no choice left, I returned to Gridania.. .my home. I could not enjoy my time, though, as I would be in the forests of the North Shroud, hunting the Diremites.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, poses in her Botanist gear in Final Fantasy XIV

…Not the small ones. The Banemites.

Hours passed, and the sun fell beneath the horizon, before I staggered back to the inn to rest. At that moment, I hoped… in my heart of hearts… that my spells would create another brush fire that would just burn all the mites to the ground, so I would not have to spend hours making the la stupide velveteen!

~ Aidez moi

Today’s Blog Post

As you can guess, I’ve been caught on the Level-25 Weaver Quest. Basically, this demands just one item: a high-grade bolt of Velveteen. On the surface, this seems simple: you make a bolt of high-grade velveteen. That’s it.

What they don’t tell you at the outset is this:

  • Velveteen, while easy to produce, has a very high crafting quality threshold
  • The second item, Dew Thread, can only be produced by spinning Diremite Webs.
  • Diremite webs aren’t dropped by Diremites. They’re dropped by Banemites, which exist in the North Shroud and are leveled between 25 and 27.
  • The drop rate for Diremite Webs is 100% random.

So, this means that fighting Banemites can get you anywhere from zero webs, to as many as nine. Did I mention that Banemites like to hang around near Dryads, which are level 35 monsters? No? Well, they do. One stray spell or one misstep into a Dryad’s pathing will have a giant, angry red tree trying to end you.

So, yeah! This is a grind. One that’s taken pretty much the entirety of my time, as I, to recap:

  • Farmed for Diremite webs
  • Spun up 14 said webs, because I didn’t realize what I’d need, into seven strands of Dew Thread
  • Spun those seven strands of Dew Thread into Undyed Velveteen
  • Realized that I can’t even make garments without more Dew Thread
  • Went out to hunt those insectoid fuckers until I had more than 100 pieces of Diremite Web
  • Spun those into Dew Thread

Now, that said, I’ve come to appreciate the little Banemites. At first I was kind of repulsed, because, well… big bugs, ew. But, as I fought them, I couldn’t help but smile. Their exaggerated faces with the jaggy fangry grin reminded me of Zerglings, which made them just more entertaining, for some reason.

Hey, when you’re grinding, you make your own fun.

But, anyway, that’s where I am today. I’ll be moving on with the main story for now, but I’ll be back to deal with this quest at some point soon-ish… What I do plan to do, though, is make some spiffy crafting duds. I don’t think that it’s right that a weaver that is apparently the only one who can do this wanders about dressed like someone who came out of an S&M Weaver’s Gathering.

…On that note, I’m officially naming this outfit BDSW, because this job is torture.

Skye Graneterre, a Duskwight Elezen, wears her BDSW Weaver's Outfit in Final Fantasy XIV

Skye Grandeterre is a Duskwight Elezen character played by Samantha Ferreira. She currently resides on the Zalera server on the Aether Data Center.

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