Oshi ga Budōkan Ittekuretara Shinu Key VisualIt’s never too early to think about the future!

Earlier this morning, a brand new promotional video was released for the upcoming series Oshi ga Budōkan Ittekuretara Shinu (unofficially translated as I’d die if the one I support makes it to the Budoukan) which, in only thirty seconds, reveals the lead cast member, premiere year/TV stations, and crew members!

So before we break down all the details, let’s take a look at that PV…

The anime series is an adaptation of the manga created by Auri Hirao which launched in 2015. It is scheduled to run for twelve episodes. 

The story follows a young woman named Eripiyo (played by Ai Fairouz) who is an extreme idol fan. In particular, she is a fan of a minor member of an underground idol group. During one of the performances, Eripiyo springs a massive nosebleed and gets to meet her favorite idol. 

In terms of crew members, here is the breakdown:

Animation Production – Studio 8-Bit
Director – Yusuke Yamamoto
Series Composition – Deko Akao
Character Designs – Tomoyuki Shitaya, Masaru Yonezawa
Background Music – Moe Hyuga

The series is set to premiere at some point in 2020 on Japanese television stations TBS and BS-TBS.

Via AnimeAnime