Meeting Date: 7/1/2019

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Happy Saturday everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club! I’m Samantha, and I’m here with Anthony Simpson and L.B. Bryant.
Anthony Simpson: Evening
L.B. Bryant: Hello!
Samantha Ferreira: Tonight, we’ll be talking up Fruits Basket Episode 13: The Very Thirsty Ophidian
Like… wow, Ayame is thirsty
Anthony Simpson: Yes he is.
L.B. Bryant: That is definitely one horny snake
Samantha Ferreira: To say lightly
I mean… his first introduction is staring up Tohru’s skirt.

Fruits Basket Episode 013 Still
Anthony Simpson: True.
L.B. Bryant: One thing about Ayame that I love in this version, however, is that while he’s a brilliant orator, he’s got a filthy mouth lol.
Samantha Ferreira: Indeed.
He’s definitely not afraid to let his perv flag fly lol
L.B. Bryant: lol No matter who the audience is
Anthony Simpson: He certainly isn’t afraid.
Samantha Ferreira: Indeed
L.B. Bryant: Honestly this might end up being a quick chat this week; I’m trying to remember any major details about this episode that don’t feature Ayame being flamboyant but failing lol
Samantha Ferreira: Basically, we did get a lot of exposition about how he and Yuki didn’t get along

Fruits Basket Episode 013 Still
L.B. Bryant: He was kind of the center of attention throughout the entire run hehe
Samantha Ferreira: And Tohru being the cinnamon roll we know and love, helps him to understand that
And also: Hatsuharu is adorable when he smiles
Anthony Simpson: Exactly.
Samantha Ferreira: But yeah. This episode was pretty light on exposition and more an introduction to Ayame being, well… amazing
Anthony Simpson: Ayame is my best boy now.
Samantha Ferreira: Yas. He’s amazing, lol
Anthony Simpson: I just want to tell me sweet nothings in my ear.
L.B. Bryant: You might have to fight Shigure for that lol

Fruits Basket Episode 013 Still
Samantha Ferreira: lol
They’re best husbands
Anthony Simpson: They certainly are.
Samantha Ferreira: On that note, though: I do wonder if the “roleplay gay” moments are a bit outmoded in this day and age…

I realize I’m saying this in a hobby where “siscon” and “brocon” are super-viable subgenres
L.B. Bryant: I can see your point but honestly I’m not sure how to reply exactly. I mean, I have no problems with Shigure and Ayame playing gay for giggles but I would also understand it if someone else said they had a problem with it.
Anthony Simpson: I’m with L.B on this one this.
Samantha Ferreira: Yeah… it’s one of those things that kind of struck me
Like… “Well shit, someone could get upset by this”
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, I mean I thought it was cute and funny but I can see the logic if someone said they found it offensive.
Samantha Ferreira: Likewise
For the record: I totally ship it.

Fruits Basket Episode 013 Still
L.B. Bryant: lol I still say that Shigure is my spirit animal.
Anthony Simpson: For the record: I totally ship it as well.
Samantha Ferreira: Then we’re in agreement. We ship it. We ship it like Amazon
L.B. Bryant: lol
Samantha Ferreira: Any final thoughts this week?
L.B. Bryant: I hope next week delivers a bit more substance for us to discuss lol
I love this show but this week’s episode was a little lean on content
Anthony Simpson: Would it be possible to get a spin off of Ayame being Ayame?
Samantha Ferreira: I’d watch that so hard
L.B. Bryant: There is the Three Musketeers spinoff manga
Anthony Simpson: I have nothing else to say about this weeks episode.
Samantha Ferreira: Truth
Anyway, that’s our time for this week. Til next time, remember: If you see a snake in the road, it might be a perverted pretty-boy!

Have a great night.
L.B. Bryant: Night!
Anthony Simpson: Good night

Fruits Basket Episode 013 Still