Hataage! Kemonomichi key visual

Stop me if you’ve heard this one… so a professional wrestler gets summoned to a new world and decides to open a pet shop. I’m not telling a joke, I’m describing the basic plot of the upcoming Fall TV anime, Hataage! Kemonomichi.

Set to premiere on October 2, the isekai series is the first production from brand new studio ENGI and released a 60-second promotional video showing off some of the character art.

The series will be directed by Kazuya Miura working off scripts written by Touko Machida while the characters will be designed by Chika Noumi. 

The original manga has been running since 2016 and has four compiled volumes so far. The anime, in cooperation with the original creators, will be telling a special six-month span of time story that covers the hero’s first few months in the new world that wasn’t revealed in the manga.

Via CR News