Meeting Date: 7/21/2019

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Samantha, and I’m joined this week by Anthony Simpson

Anthony Simpson: Evening

Samantha Ferreira: Tonight, we’re heading back to the Soma household for Fruits Basket episode 16: The Uo Saga, Part 1: Best Mom Begins (TM)

Fruits Basket Episode 016 Still

Anthony Simpson: Yes the best mom begins. This was a enjoyable episode.

Samantha Ferreira: It really was.

I like how they kind of couched the whole history with the lighthearted antics of swimsuit shopping, and how well these two unrelated things work together

Anthony Simpson: They really did blend those two well. It didn’t feel jarring going from swimsuit shopping to gangs in the same episode.

Samantha Ferreira: Indeed. They way they treated it, with Uo basically driving and telling the story, worked well

And it really helped tie that beginning stinger into the greater episode

Anthony Simpson: Exactly

Samantha Ferreira: I like how they really didn’t hold back in the anime – they didn’t try to cover it up or glamorize – Uo had a shitty lifestyle until she became Tohru’s friend

Anthony Simpson: She did. That I was one thing I really liked that they did was show that Uo basically got the short end of the stick and didn’t make try to soften the blow of how bad things were for her.

Fruits Basket Episode 016 Still

Samantha Ferreira: Indeed…. it’s sad, really – the only thing she had to hold on to was a vision of the Crimson Butterfly… and that was just shattered when she met Tohru’s mom

Anthony Simpson: Yep shattered like a mirror.

Samantha Ferreira: You know we’re going to have to ask L.B. his thoughts on that next week lol

Also, his thoughts on the three other delinquents that are now simultaneously tailing Uo and stalking the Sohma boys

Anthony Simpson: I have to say I enjoyed the delinquents showing up. I wonder if they are going to have some larger part in the background. That end part with them I got a huge kick out of it.

Samantha Ferreira: That was great. I kind of love how one just goes full-bore “I’mma ~bleep~ you up” and the other two just start in shock

Anthony Simpson: I just loved with them they started doing their tough act then you find out it was in front of Momoiji then they flip out when he starts talking German to them.

Fruits Basket Episode 016 Still

Samantha Ferreira: That was priceless

And all they could muster was broken English

Samantha Ferreira: Hrm… any final thoughts this week?

Anthony Simpson: Looking forward to what comes next.

Samantha Ferreira: Likewise!

Til next time, remember: if you’re ever accosted by a group of Yankii girls, speak German!

Have a great night, everybody!

Anthony Simpson: Good night

Fruits Basket Episode 016 Still