My Girlfriend Is The President stillGood evening,

Tonight, I’ll be dropping the usual “Anime Herald Presidential Voice” that I typically use for these situations. There’s a time for pomp, and there’s a time for brutal honesty. This is the latter.

Over the past month, I’m sure that you’ve seen our output decrease a bit, to say lightly. Our Anime Expo features weren’t as beefy, our article output was slower than molasses, and things just seemed to fall away, by and large.

For that, I genuinely apologize. A lot has happened over the past weeks, and I’d like to take a moment to really clear the air on things.

In early July, I had a nervous breakdown. I had lost close to twenty pounds since May, and things had progressed to the point that I was unable to sleep for literal days at a time. I was unable to speak in complete sentences, and I would stammer and stutter, or just break down entirely when my mind was unable to process things.

While I’ve had breakdowns and blow-outs in the past, this was the first time that things had gotten so severe that I was unable to function in my day-to-day life. I’m not comfortable disclosing what caused this, and I thank you for respecting my privacy on the matter.

To make things more chaotic, my life was turned topsy turvy on August 9, when my beloved cat passed away. She was ten years old, and went peacefully in her sleep. She was happy and loved, and I miss her dearly.

So, yeah! A lot has happened! But I promise you, it’s not all bad. Since the day of my breakdown, I’ve been working with my therapist, and focusing on getting back to 100%. One of the things we both agreed on was a need to remove myself from any and all stress for an extended period. I’d have to slowly walk, before I could run once more. Over the course of the past month, I’ve been working with members of the Anime Herald family, who’ve been helping with the news, editorial work, and even fielding outreach to some of our partners.

In particular, I’d like to extend an extra-special thanks to Lydia Rivers and L.B. Bryant, who both stepped up to help in a huge way. Lydia became my co-editor, working with me several nights a week to review content, and bring things to the high standard you’ve come to expect from us. L.B., meanwhile, helped to take over the news desk for us, and keep content flowing on a daily basis when I couldn’t go on.

And thank you, readers, for sticking with us during this chaotic month. Things will slowly continue to improve with each passing day, and we’ll keep doing our best to bring you content that makes you smile day after day.

Thank you, and great night.

Header art by CrowzPerch