Earlier today, the official On-Gaku: Our Sound anime film’s website updated with a new teaser trailer and the main key visual. We break the details down below.


The 103-second promo introduces the main characters, who are sitting in an empty club room, goofing off. Kenji is standing in the door, and blankly states “Ota, Asakura, let’s start a band.” The rest of the promo follows the group, and introduces the secondary cast, using character dialogue to drive the main story beats.

Key Visual

The image features the three main characters, staring at the camera with blank expressions.

On-Gaku Movie Visual

On-Gaku: Our Sound opens in Japanese theaters on January 11.

Kenji Iwaisawa is directing the project, which features character designs by creator Hiroyuki Ohashi.

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Kenji: Shintarō Sakamoto
  • Aya: Ren Komai
  • Ōta: Tomoya Meno
  • Asakura: Tateto Serizawa
  • Morita: Kami Hiraiwa
  • Ōba: Naoto Takenaka

The film is based on Hiroyuki Ohashi’s Ongaku manga, which was self-published in Ongaku, prior to being picked up by Ohta Publishing for a 2009 release.

Source: Comic Natalie