A bit of sad news today as according to a report on Anime News Network, the shojo magazine Princess Gold will cease publication after its next issue which will hit inboxes on January 16. The magazine has been running since 1979 but has hit rocky times over the last couple of years with the magazine going from a monthly publication to every other month publication in 2016 before shifting to a digital-only format in 2018.

The ending of this publication means the following manga will be moved to different magazines in the coming months: Cristalia no Kōki na Gizoku by You Higuri will move to Petit Princess magazine in March, Silk Romance by Pink Aomata will also move to Petit Princess in April, and two manga, Umi no Kenzoku to Itsuwari no Hanayome by Tomoko Takakura and Tenchi no Kami ni Somuite by Erii Misono, will end. There are other manga currently running in the magazine by other authors, but they will not announce the fate of those series until they release the last magazine issue.