As part of a joint effort between Anime Herald and the Warui Deshou podcast, we’re proud to present the first two episodes of Warui Deshou’s discussions on Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!


Two girls, one tall and one short, sitting next to each other in a crowded room. The short girl is wearing a camouflage hat, and peering around the afro of a man in front of her.

Hey folks! Welcome, friends, to the Warui Deshou Podcast, an anime podcast that’s so bad it loops back around to being good. Or so we hope. It’s our pleasure to be partnering with Anime Herald to bring you all our discussion podcasts on the incredible exciting and ambitious Masaaki Yuasa TV production, Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!

Since this is the first time many of you may be hearing us, our hosts Shadon and The Subtle Doctor begin with a brief introduction of how they became anime fans and what their goals are for the podcast. Then, we talk through the plot of the episode, elaborate on what we think “the greatest world” means, talk enthusiasm, discuss the necessity of an audience for creatives, think about the unique perspective of the life of an artist, answer Patron questions, and a whole lot more! Strap yourselves in, and keep your hands off ;). Enjoy!

Music (used with artist permission):

“GPS” by Maco Soundworks

“Every Day is Night” by Garoad Music

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