Meeting Date:  2/8/2020

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. I’m Samantha, and I’m here with Anthony Simpson

Anthony Simpson: Evening

Samantha Ferreira: Tonight, we’re heading back to the well for another episode of ID: INVADED. This week we’re discussing episode 7: “Santa Claus is still an asshole” or “WHY DID HE KEEP THE COSTUME?!”

An array of clothes lain out on a blue blanket.

Anthony Simpson: Where to begin with this episode.

Samantha Ferreira: This one just did not stop

We saw how Narihisago finally got even with Challenger, we saw our new detective rise to greatness, we had the well within a well, we had John Walker being a (supposed) turncoat… WHY DID HE KEEP THE COSTUME?

Like… God!

Anthony Simpson: I have to say Hondomachi in her dive outfit is super adorable.

Samantha Ferreira: Right? Also, Hondomachi as a detective gives fewer fucks than her real-life equivalent

Anthony Simpson: That is even better.

Id Invaded Episode 007 Still - a girl clad in a cloak points a gun into the air.

Samantha Ferreira: Yeah. She’s genuinely fascinating to watch.

Now, the big question is “do you believe the whole John Walker B-plot?”

Anthony Simpson: Part of me thinks that is a set up.

Samantha Ferreira: Same

Like… the costume was the hilarious giveaway there

I’m thinking it was that other person: Akiko, who was saved from the Challenger

Anthony Simpson: So here is a out of left field guess its Chief Hayasura who is John Walker.

Samantha Ferreira: That’s also a thought I’ve been having. Santa Claus is a total asshole in this.

ID: Invaded anime still. An old man with a beard and ponytail holds up a tablet.

Anthony Simpson: I mean he is chief of a department.  No one is probably going to suspect him to be a serial killer.

Samantha Ferreira: Or moreover, a person who MAKES serial killers while cosplaying as a whisky mascot

Anthony Simpson: exactly

Samantha Ferreira: I mean, seeing the captain just… turn away with Narihisago’s wife and child was a big tell on his humanity

Anthony Simpson: Exactly.

Samantha Ferreira: Also, seeing Narihisago just freak out at the evidence. He knows.

ID: Invaded Still. A man with pink hair, wearing a suit, points a gun toward the camera.

Anthony Simpson: He certainly does.

Samantha Ferreira: I can’t wait to see him go into Challenger’s well now

Anthony Simpson: Same here.  I can’t wait to see what awaits there.

Samantha Ferreira: Likewise… there’s so much to unpack here – it’s incredible

Any final thoughts this week?

Anthony Simpson: Can’t wait to see what happens next episode.

Samantha Ferreira: Likewise! This is going to be a climactic end to remember, I think

Anthony Simpson: I will be disappointed if it isn’t.

Samantha Ferreira: Likewise. ‘til next time, we’ll be watching and waiting eagerly. Remember, though: If you want to perform the perfect crime, do it while larping as a liquor mascot. We need our Captain Morgan! Have a great night!

Anthony Simpson: Good night.