Anime-Planet LogoEarlier today, Anime-Planet announced that they joined forces with South Korean publisher Lezhin. Through the agreement, Anime-Planet will host exclusive webtoons from Lezhin on their portal. Per the announcement, Anime-Planet will host “hundreds of webtoon episodes,” which span numerous genres, including boys’ love, girls’ love, action, and romance.

Going forward, Lezhin will work with Anime-Planet to bring more webtoon content to their service.

Anime-Planet founder Kim Cameron commented on the news, stating:

We’re so excited to announce this partnership with Lezhin […] Webtoons are incredibly popular to the Anime-Planet community, and Lezhin webtoons in particular frequently appear in our top user ratings, which includes not only webtoons, but also manga, OELs, and light novels. Lezhin has a great deal of unique content that will give our community even more choices for supporting the legal publishing industry.

Lezhin Entertainment LogoLezhin president Jae Heung Jeon also commented on the announcement:

I’m excited for this opportunity to share the amazing webtoons we have at Lezhin Entertainment with a larger global audience. Anime-Planet, as a leading destination for webtoon information, represents an amazing opportunity to reach a broader audience with Korean webtoons.

Anime-Planet is an anime, manga, webtoon, and OEL tracking site. The platform, which was founded in 2001, allows users to catalog their viewing histories, in addition to legally viewing content via the company’s industry partnerships.

Lezhin Entertainment was founded by Han Hee-sung in 2013. By 2014, the organization was South Korea’s largest webtoon publisher, with a catalog of more than 400 webtoons and cartoons in its library. The organization has since gone on to offer content in Japanese, English, and French.

Source: Anime-Planet (Email Communication)