Meeting Date 8/15/2020

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows in a generally unmoderated format. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club! I’m Samantha, and I’m here with L.B. and Anthony

Anthony Simpson: Evening

L.B. Bryant: Hello

Samantha Ferreira: Tonight, we’re heading back to the past for our fourth Retro Rewind in Zombie Land Saga. This time we’re talking up episode 5: “Did we just watch a half-hour chicken commercial?”

Six women stand in front of a storefront with a yellow sign, emblazoned with a red bubble that has a drawing of a smiling chicken inside it.

L.B. Bryant: lol pretty much and it made me hungry

Anthony Simpson: I loved this episode I think this is my favorite so far

L.B. Bryant: I had a feeling that you would enjoy this episode. It’s easily one of the best of the series.

Samantha Ferreira: It is one of the most memorable

I loved Saki going gaga over meeting Drive-In Tori’s president

L.B. Bryant: Though I had totally forgotten about the second half. I only remembered the chicken commercial section.

Samantha Ferreira: I liked the Gatalympics bit… though it didn’t have the same punch as the chicken bit. I mean… it’s hard to not laugh at an episode that opens with Saki hurling a 100kph fastball into Tatsumi’s thigh

A man wearing sunglasses and a cape smiles as he swings an aluminum baseball bat.

L.B. Bryant: Yeah though I’m really getting sick of Tatsumi’s random SHONEN YELLING.

Samantha Ferreira: I love it, because it’s such a tonal disconnect

Anthony Simpson: I agree with Sam on this.

L.B. Bryant: It’s one of the things I hate about shonen anime in general (see also: Dr. Stone).

Anthony Simpson: Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

Samantha Ferreira: I love it, because he’s such a good counterpoint for the girls, as a whole. Especially now that they’re straight-up beating the crap out of him

The bit in this episode, for example, where Ai just grabs the baguette and brains him, and he just crumples

A blonde woman stares ahead, hands clasped in rapture. Six women behind her stare on in confusion.

Anthony Simpson: I loved it. Tatsumi is so smug and him getting his comeuppance every episode just gets me every time

Samantha Ferreira: Same.

Anthony Simpson: The tori part was my favorite part of this episode because it reminded me when I went to Japan 18 years ago and went a Tori restaurant near Iwakuni.

Samantha Ferreira: Oh wow.

Anthony Simpson: I don’t remember the name of the place the USMC just called it the Chicken Shack. I remember we sat outside around a sand pit and the servers brought the grill to cook the chicken on. The part of it that stands out of the most to me was when I was grabbing a piece of chicken that was cook and the flame singed my right hand and I ended up dropping that piece of chicken in the sand. We all just laughed at the sight of it

A black-haired woman in a chicken costume jumps at a gigantic chicken mascot. A red-haired woman, also in a chicken costume, holds the other woman back.

Samantha Ferreira: That’s a heck of a memory to have. Ouch o-o

Anthony Simpson: I found the place:

Samantha Ferreira: …This place looks amazing.

Anthony Simpson: I’m so glad it is still in business.

Back to show Tae Yamada once again stole the episode for me

Samantha Ferreira: She was amazing again.

Whether she’s attacking the chicken mascot or falling to pieces during the Gatalympics, she’s a treasure.

A black-haired woman stares at a chicken mascot, her mouth dripping with drool as it twists into a dark grin.

Aniwho, any final thoughts this week?

L.B. Bryant: Nothing from me.

Anthony Simpson: Just looking to forward to the next episode

Samantha Ferreira: Likewise. I guess that’s all the time we have this week, then. Til next time, remember: When in doubt, be the chicken.

Nice bird.

Have a great night!

L.B. Bryant: Night

Anthony Simpson: Good night